Warcraft 3: Reformged will receive the functions of automatic tournaments and the observer mode in the next update

The Warcraft 3: Reformged test server has been installed under the serial number 1.36, in which the mode of automatic tournaments, the regime of the observer, and the balance was also affected, was added to the game. When the update is installed on live servers is not yet known.

ObSERVER MODE viewing mode

  • Added new functions and updated interface.
  • All panels can be turned on and off using hot keys or control panels.
  • Added statistics panel: you can see a race, the amount of gold, wood and food, as well as APM players.
  • Added the line of production: you can see which units are in production.
  • Added viewing of units: you can see all units in the army of every player.
  • You can switch between the viewing of units and viewing the sale.
  • Added a panel for viewing heroes: you can see all the heroes, their objects and abilities (the information is displayed for a maximum of 4 players at the same time).
  • You can click on the heroes so that the camera moves to them.


  • Access to tournaments can be obtained through a competitive screen screen.
  • Tournaments will be held daily.
  • All players can participate in tournaments.
  • Tournaments will have different rules of games, cards and races available for playing.
  • Qualifying stage: the player plays up to 8 matches and earns points depending on the number of victories and defeats.
  • TOP-16 players from the qualifying stage fight in the Single -elimination grid.
  • Participation in tournaments is rewarded with glasses that allow you to unlock unique portraits for the profile.
  • Statistics on performances in tournaments are displayed in the player profile.

Balance updates

Demon hunter

  • Immutation: mana consumption for tick increased from 7 to 8.


  • Watch Owl: The cost of studying the ability is reduced from 100 to 50 wood.

Magic tower

  • The number of mana burned to heroes is increased from 12 to 18 per salvo. For units, the indicator remained unchanged and is still 24 units per volley.


  • Heavy blades (Sundering Blades): Age increase to damage reduced from 15 to 10%.


  • The amount of health is reduced from 375 to 350.


  • Ability "Cross" (Pulverize): The cost of study is reduced from 225 to 200 wood.


  • Cannibalism: the cost of study is reduced from 75 to 50 gold, the opening time is reduced from 30 to 15 seconds

Claws of attacks

  • Classes from claws +5 reduced to +4.
  • Classes from claws +9 reduced to +8.

Big potion Mana

  • The number of restored mana has reduced from 250 to 200

The staff of the abduction of mana

  • The number of stolen mana is reduced from 65 to 60.

Lightning shield

  • The item is removed from the item table

Rating matches

  • Now the MMR will be completely zero after each season.
  • There will be 10 cards in the Map Pool: both a well-known classic and new cards from the community.
  • The number of cards for cards is increased to 5 for all modes.

Also, patches contain corrections of various bugs and small changes in the chat.