“This is madness”: the reaction of fans to the announcement of the Red Dead Redemption for PS4 and Switch

On August 7, Rockstar Games announced the exit Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The news about porting the game on the console immediately provoked an active discussion among fans on Reddit. Many remained extremely unhappy with such a decision of the developers and stated that they expected more from them. This is what exactly caused the disappointment of gamers.

It is no secret that some users have been looking forward to Remaster or remake of the original game for several years – rumors about this have long been on the network. Upon learning that Rockstar representatives can promise them only a new port, fans burst out anger and accused the creators of Red Dead Redemption of disrespect for the community.

“I am damn disappointed. We deserved a remake (they could at least just make a new mission) or at least a remaster, ” – Overall-Plastic8731.

“Wow. I know that rumors should always be treated with a share of skepticism, but what they [developers] did is absolutely crush. This is just a port of the game of 13 years ago-without remastering. What can we say about any remakes ” – IndependenCemoney834.

Some fans said that they were by no means needed a port for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. They wanted the developers to release the game on PC.

“I was excited when I heard the first news, and then I saw that it was just a port. They neglected players on PC. This … disappoints, if not more, ” – Shadowfall900.

Finally, some users were completely surprised at the price of Red Dead Redemption for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. In their opinion, the developers simply profit from fans.

“They simply rob us, asking $ 50 per game of 13 years ago, and do not even bother to remake it or release it on a PC,”- Delicioustoastie.

“You cannot just take and resell the game 13 years ago for $ 50, without changing anything in it. For me this is just another way to make money ” – Rickkert812.

“I’m not really angry that this is not a remake or remaster, since the developers themselves never confirmed this. But the fact that this is just the same game of 2010, re -released at full price, just madness. Rockstar for some reason hates fans of Red Dead Redemption fans, ” Butterscotchopen3943.