The series based on Fallout takes place in the same city as in the canceled film from InterPlay

As it became known, the action of the series based on Fallout will take place in Los Angeles (California) on the western coast of North America. In the Universe Fallout Los Angeles appeared under the name a burial ground and directly appeared in the first part Fallout 1997.

Fans of the Fallout series know that before the announcement of the television series from Amazon Prime and Bethesda Softworks, adventure adventure in post-core America, which was engaged in which was engaged in Interplay Films (never released a single film), a studio created to adapt the franchises InterPlay (former owners of Fallout franchise). Development of the script for the film on Fallout was engaged in Brent. Friedman, who managed to write only synopsis and a short plot.

Ironic, but the synopsis of the film based on Fallout describes the same location that will appear in the series – Los Angeles. In the script of Friedman, Los Angeles was an overgrown jungle that appeared as a result of using the GEC (devices for landscaping wastelands) on radioactive grounds. Inside Los Angeles was the Beverly shopping center, known after the war as the Hab, which was refueling deker, the leader of the mafia and the unspoken mayor, who collaborated with the army of the creator supermutants who conducted experiments in the former Sedar-Sinay Medical Center for the creation of mutants adapted to the reservoilipal world.

The film was to very freely describe the events of the first part Fallout, containing the search for a water chip and the war with the creator. As you can see above, the film was grossly violated the canons of the series (so, in the game Los Angeles rather represented a dead destroyed city in which people lived all the same, and the hub was a full-fledged city, allegedly built on the ruins of Barstow, and not the shopping center), the most The rude of which was the fact that the nuclear war began not the United States or China, but the leader of the Volt-Tek. You can read the synopsis of the abolished film here.

It remains only to hope that Bethesda And Amazon Prime Suitable for the canons of the series more responsible. At least, it is known that NKR will appear in the series.