The Playstation Visual Arts studio is faced with dismissal against the background of messages about problems with the multiplayer The Last of US

Former project coordinator in PlayStation Visual Arts, John Borba, turned to Linkedin to tell that the studio began dismissal as a result of a large -scale reorganization of the AAA multiplayer game, which she worked on, and he, unfortunately, was among those who were among those who were among those was dismissed to support new budget needs

Further, Borba noted that the industry is currently undergoing a period of restructuring and reduction of expenses, and, unfortunately, he ended up in a situation that many others encountered. He stated that he was lucky enough to work with talented people and participate in exciting projects in the PlayStation Visual Arts. He expressed confidence in the work and capabilities of the developer team.

In his position in the PlayStation Visual Arts, Borba worked as a coordinator in art outsourcing over an undeclared AAA project. Of course, there is a suspicion that we are talking about The Last of us Online, which only recently appeared disappointing news. In his role, he worked in cooperation with the external studio, as well as with a team of artists of various disciplines, in order to develop reproducible, easy to understand, measurable conveyors that established accountability and cooperation between the studios.

Similarly, Jason Schreyer from Bloomberg said that the Naughty Dog has significantly reduced the team over its multiplayer project The Last of US, since the studio will now re -evaluate the quality and vitality of the game. Its sources claim that the game was recently made, and weaknesses were found.

As for the multiplayer game The Last of US, earlier Jeff Grabb reported that in the game with a living service there will be large pieces of territories that can be changed in places without the need for significant updates from users.