The player spent 14 thousand euros on skins in Counter-Strike, but returned them through the court

The Austrian court ruled that Valve should return to the player in CS: GO the amount of 14 096.58 euros, which he spent on opening cases with skins for an online player. This is reported by the publication

The plaintiff’s rights in court were represented by Padronus Law Firm. In this particular case, we are talking about cosmetic skins (visual decorations that do not affect characteristics and do not provide any advantages during the game) for rifles, pistols and knives that can be purchased and exchanged by opening boxes with weapons. The cost of skins is measured, in particular, their rarity class – the range in the Steam community market ranges from several cents to hundreds of thousands of euros.

Lawyers have proved that accidentally generated contents of boxes with skins for weapons are one of the types of illegal gambling games. The court agreed with this classification and considered proven the availability "material benefit in the understanding of the Austrian gambling law", Since the seller could make a profit from this type of game activity.

According to the laws of Austria, everyone has "Supplier Lutboxes" There should be a license to conduct gambling games. Valve does not have such a permit, so the court found her guilty and ordered her to return the funds to the plaintiff. The company has four weeks to appeal this decision. If Valve does not, the court ruling will enter into force.

Padronus Managing Director Richard Aybl called "Very successful" The fact that the judge who considered the case had experience in the game in Counter-Strike, so quickly figured out the circumstances of the case.

This is not the first such thing in Austria. Earlier, Padronus has already successfully proved that the Lutboxes in the FIFA football simulator are also considered a form of gambling, in connection with which they violate gambling legislation. Therefore, experts consider the chances of successful appeal by Valve meager.