The Phasmophobia roadmap for 2024 includes visual reconstruction, new items and much more

Kinetic Games introduced the Phasmophobia roadmap for 2024 and further, telling what a multiplayer horror is waiting for ghosts this year.

In a new message on Steam, the authors said they removed "Any predicted dates of upcoming releases", So if you were hoping for any specific terms – in particular, for the long -awaited Phasmophobia console release – then you are not lucky.

To version 1.0 for the game three large updates are planned, and they have quite memorable names. Updates begin with version 0.9 that will be released next week. In version 0.9 will be changed the lighting, and the levels of objects will be changed and the work of the store has been improved.

In version 0.10 You are waiting for new tasks, changes in the award system and new equipment, and in version 0.11 will be processed by the models and animation of players.

Finally, in the release of Phasmophobia 1.0 will appear new models of ghosts, a system of hallucinations and "Much more", So Phasmophobia fans have something to wait.

Kinetic also turned on the section "We release separately as soon as they are ready", which contains larger and long -term projects, such as the release of the console and the introduction of a new location Point Hope.

According to Kinetic, Point Hope is a lighthouse with "completely different gameplay", than in other locations. It will be in it "looping places" and shelters that will make the players make quick decisions, fleeing the attackers.

According to Kinetic representatives, locations will also be converted "Farm blasdale" And "Farm Grafton", which "Incredibly similar to visually and planning".

Both locations will receive changes in the layout, including converting the bedrooms for twins in grafton in "Large Workshop of the Swede", Filled with terrible mannequins. Amazing!

The farm, meanwhile, will be rebuilt aside "great mansion" With huge rooms filled with details and objects from the long and rich life history of the owner.