The new version of the Fashion for Hogwarts Legacy adds a “crazy” graphics, increases performance, eliminates stuttering

Modder Sammilucia has released a new version of its Fashion Ultra+ for Hogwarts Legacy, which adds the graphic preset “Madness”.

Mod Hogwarts Legacy Ultra+ includes global lighting (you can choose either RTGI or SSGI), adds water with rays tracing and improves graphics for the whole game. In addition, it corrects the loading of textures, blur, disconnects Chroma DLL and increases the viewing distance and LOD.

It is possible that it is more interesting here is the improvements of the performance that this mod brings. For example, it corrects incorrect definitions of LOD in Hogsmide and other places, reduces the use of memory and increases stability. Moreover, Modder processed a streamer of the texture to fix stuttering, and eliminated some problems with slow loading of the textures.

Ultimately, this means that with this mod you get more smooth overall performance, as well as improved visual effects.

Version 8.0, released today, adds the Settings “Madness” for those who want to test water with rays tracing. In addition, it contains a series of improvements to the frequency of personnel and allows you to create shadows at a distance with ray tracing. It is also worth noting that the mod corrects the definitions of the original fog and changes the appearance of the fog in several places.

You can download this latest version of the Hogwarts Legacy Ultra+ fashion+ free directly from our site.

Good job! The almost complete absence of fog is a controversial solution. But if FPS is not stabilized without this, then okay.

It was definitely not necessary to touch the fog

Perhaps it is simply not compatible with tracing or broke in the process of modding.
In UE4 there was such a crutch that translucent shadows and shadows in a volumetric fog were incompatible with light sources based on RTH. In order for this to work, it is necessary to duplicate all light sources both under the classic method and under the RTX and it is not a fact that it will physically work in the assembly of the game.
But at the same time, the fog does not disappear, but simply shines through and in the Hogwarts Legashi the fog is most likely easier to make and not a full -fledged 3D fog of the scene.

Nada, Fedya, Nada. With fog soap.

And there are comparisons with the elimination of stuttering and increasing performance or you can only walk on the elbows in Skyrim in Skyrim? After the last patch I had almost no problems, only in Hogwarts.

Put this garbage dump on nvme m.2, change your bum -bum percent to eight -core and non -no.

Why so much aggression?

Khe khe, below the store troll has already noted with a simple funny vidosik of the most initial and simple locian! He has already rolled out fixes and mods to eliminate stuttering, I tell you exactly.

Everyone already has sisidi, but the proski 8 core ento is interesting. Well, costs 4090 and 13900k. Even does not help. sho not like that? Ida solve the problem. And then, for forums to others with solved. I say those, hugs file, ento and mod, roll, and the mustache will fly.

Yes, le, he has a heavy day, he offend his mustache.

Do not pay attention, usually those who begged for money from their mother are so good.

You can of course set mods, but how to solve the problem of endless loading on the compilation screen of shaders? There is a strip of loading on the screen 30% on the screen does not go further, but with the solid such a baida.

Increase the cache of shadeers to 10GB in the NVIDIA control panel. Maybe this will help?

I did not help. The game is simply terrible optimization does not allow you to install solids with mods

Moders are low.

For me, the huge world of the game is not fully implemented. Small duration.

on RTX 3060 will not pull?😕

Does not plow on a pirate. All the garbage that I tried with the mod did not help.

When crossing the link there only version 7.0 and 7.3, where new 8.0?

and why do they show this on a card of an office plug do not understand .

You need more shmotak!) The game as it was empty and it remains

Play atomic heart, monotonous jerk.

This is what the game had to be done initially

The first time I hear about some stuttering there. The game was still perfect at the exit.

Even in FullHD, RAM 16 GB will already be in Prutk. A voracious game, yes?

Now the beginning of the game of occurrence would be tested at 4090)

Especially when the card is much weaker than 4090 in the card, 100-150 FPS is issued+

In the middle of the game, in villages and on the outskirts also tested. I did not find anything stuttering. This is not an atomic Hart)

It would be iteret to try to disperse the graphon if you can get into the game with a engine and how to do it in the engine. The most probably desirable is the long shadows on the complete trace of shadows from the clouds and the fake directed light of the sky with super blurry shadows on tracing.

Nobody understood what you want. The directed light from the sky (sunlight) should not be with blurry shadows, the shadow from the sun is 99%tough, because the light source is very far away. And what is long shadows from the clouds and I did not catch up with. Give an example to understand.

The clouds large in the place with the mountains have some problems to draw cascading shadows. they will be but with a distinction distance. In principle, with a loss of quality, cascading shadows can be dispersed to 10 km, but small objects can be abused and there will be leaks. RTH removes this problem. However, he does not endlessly hollow but I can’t say far, but probably more than the whole card of the game. secondly, the shadows are all the same erod due to the dispersion of the air that you can check by comparing your shadow with a shadow from some high building. Also in cloudy weather and at an angle, since the shadows will be very long, they will be scattered. what cannot be achieved by tracing of the field of depth without dhr. If you introduce PCSS shadows from Nvidia (possibly there), then this is not an absolute method and limiting it like that of Lumen in UE5.
Zhdva. Why did I need another sun at a right angle at all? Since the clouds in my case is a real opaque texture on an array of planes, it creates real shadows by the actual size of the cloud that it is not realistic so very weak shadows still remain, and so they will not be. In this case, this is an additional sun that shines without taking into account the clouds creates an open area and blocks the light of caves, basements, from the crowns of ITP trees. Previously, the engine did not particularly support global illumination and this made it possible to make completely seamless global lighting with some shortcomings. RTX removes this problem because, firstly, it can create a soft transition from the edges of the shadows of 3D clouds and can itself be a crane blurred from which shadows remain under the bottoms of the car, underfoot and at the same time the blocking of lights and ceilings of the dungeons, among other things, remains, among other things than to ride RTX – for example, global illumination.
However, with RTH there is a problem of RTX does not work with all the effects. In particular, Vokselnaya Volumetric 3D fog will not have shadows also does not support translucent shadows and thus no shadows from glasses and bottles with a gradient with my plan to make the supplied caustics and underwater rays in 3D fogs from a special duplicated surface of the water, which imitates deviation of light rays on tangent to waves. To do this, you have to add 5 suns (2 for the sun 2 for the moon and 1 for light from the atmosphere) but UE4-5 support only 4 light sources of this type or you will have to fence something very complex resource-intensive. I would also like to realize full dispersion smooth from heights (which is no longer the same as the world is small) so that at a heights of 10 km and the ground have globally different levels of cutting and absorption of shadows. as well as shadows in the clouds and under water, since the cloud itself works like a shadow, but at the same time there should be a 3d-me-a-a-a-a-ams of light mines in it if you can find the shadow on the clouds from the real relief that the RTX is to solve A The engine is most likely to fall with the classic stepping man -made, if transparent shadows to the giant cube and vidyuhi are simply wrapped out if they try to fix several kilometer light shafts in shadows from clouds and mountains where the air works as an object accumulating light and schedule scattering lines dispersal.
I have been waiting for such a grafon for 5 years. maybe with tracing the path will be only. Not with this trace of the path that in cybercules and total marching rays by rejection through different media, glass, smoke, water and all subsurient dispersion of the type of ears. but looking for when vidyuhi go and floating 64 discharge numbers.

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