The inclusion of AMD Anti-Lag+ in Counter Strike 2 leads to a ban, developers prepare Radeon drivers update

Today, AMD quickly recalled its last Radeon driver, since its use with Counter Strike 2 could lead to a ban from the antitheism of Valve. AMD promises to solve the problem, while Valve plans to identify affected users and cancel their blocking, as soon as everything returns to normal.

One of the key features that AMD added to my AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition driver 23.10.1 For Radeon graphic processors, Anti-Lag+ support was for Counter Strike 2 from Valve. But, as it turned out, support for the Anti-Lag+ function was implemented by bypassing Engine functions.DLL, which VAC considers fraud and acts appropriately, a bathhouse of users.

“The last AMD driver made the Anti-Lag+function available for CS2, which is implemented by bypassing the DLL engine functions,” the Valve statement said. “If you are an AMD user and play CS2, do not turn on the anti-lag/+; Any intervention in the CS code will lead to Ban VAC. As soon as AMD releases the update, we will be able to perform work to identify the touched users and cancel their blocking “.

AMD Anti-Lag+ – This is one of the main functions of AMD FidelityFx Super Resolution 3, which currently works for the latest AMD Radeon RX 7000, which are one of the best video cards that you can buy. Given that demanding gamers with the latest video cards, as a rule, include all expanded functions in the latest games, you can only guess how many people were banned due to the implementation of AMD Anti-Lag+ in Counter-Strike 2.

Meanwhile, the latest version of the AMD Software driver: Adrenalin Edition 23.10.1 also supports three main games: Assassin’s Creed Mirage, The Lords of the Fallen and Forza Motorsport. Thus, the review will affect gamers who want to play these games with the latest drivers.