The first update of the console version of Aliens: Dark Descent contains corrections for 9 pages of the document

Following the PC version of Aliens: Dark Descent, developers from Tindalos Interactive decided to update the game on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. To the great surprise of many players, the patch turned out to be truly large-scale. Several dozen corrections and improvements were made to the tactical game about xenomorphs, and the full list of renewal notes fits the whole pages of the document.

The authors of Tindalos Interactive apologized to the console players for the deferred update release. According to the developers, this was due to the scale of the work done and the scrupulous verification of the received corrections. The first update for the game marks a significant leap in the constant desire of Tindalos Interactive to improve, balancing and achieve the perfect gameplay for players. In this update, they tried to collect all the necessary corrections received on the basis of reviews and comments of the community.

The main changes in patches:

  • Added 5 new injuries for a greater variety: hypochondria, hematophobia, anthropophobia, obsessive-compulsive, xenomorphophobia.
  • Aliens will now find you faster only if you are close to the noise source that you from afar (and not constantly)
  • Several shelters were disconnected in "Atmospheric nightmare" (mission 6 °)
  • Significantly increased the repaan of humanoids in missions M2, M3, M7 and M10
  • The phase of the power loader in the main mine Olduva (mission 11) is now an endless onslaught
  • Suppression of various positions of shelters in various locations (M1, M3, M7, M10, M11)
  • The phase of the energy loader based on Tantalus (Mission 8) is now an endless onslaught
  • Crushes during the final defense of the Olduva mine (mission 11) diverge at all available points of SPAVN
  • The full list of notes of the update indicating all the corrections is available on a separate page.

Tindalos Interactive said they will continue to work to improve Aliens: Dark Descent. In the next update, it is planned to add the ability to skip prologue, turn off the timer and other improvements.