The finals developers were not even going to do a shooter at first

The Finals from the developer Embark Studios made a lot of noise for the new Free-to-Play shooter. During the week of launch, he collected more than 225,000 players only in Steam and retained a solid number of players in the next weeks. This is a swift and cheerful shooter in which you need to destroy the cards in order to take first place, but it is also a game that was close to being missed by a team of developers.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, shortly before the secret release of The Finals on The Game Awards 2023, the creative director Gustav Tillbi spoke about the early stages of work on the first game Embark Studios and how they originally thought that another shooter would be to do "Boring" The venture. But, as it turned out, if a group of former developers from Battlefield will create a new type of multiplayer shooter using the environmental destruction, you will get a fairly strong game.

"Let’s start with the fact that we were not initially going to do a shooter. I do not think that this was said aloud; Everyone believed that "No, we shouldn’t do it", Because we have already done it before", – Says the creative director, reflecting on the debut game Embark Studios.

In fact, we regularly arranged game jams, where everyone offered our ideas and so on. I proposed several ideas, including "One boring idea" And "There are two boring idea", And both of them were shooters. "I called them that because I did not think that someone would be interested in making them. So we just talked about it and said: "Maybe we should try". Several people sat down and said that if we are going to do this, then it should be unique; It should be something that no one else does. So this was the starting point for the entire feed process.

The Finals game is interesting in that it combines rapid team clashes and large -scale destruction of the environment. While you and your detachment are making your way on the map, breaking through the holes in the walls, destroying the buildings and destroying the bridges that enemies like to use, the level you start, will not be the same at which the match will end.

The influence of the Battlefield series and its accent on the destruction of the environment, and the key developers worked on the latest Battlefield games in EA Dice, is very noticeable in the entire The Finals – and this gives the game such a hook for multiplayer clashes. Thanks to an energetic style and a simple approach to gameplay, the game is as if created for generation of Twitch streamers. So far, she shows good results and in streaming.

But the developers from Embark Studios took some time to lay the basis of the game. As Tillbi said in an interview, the game had to focus on the player’s independence and give him the opportunity to overcome difficulties on his conditions.

"Personally, I love system games where management is transferred to the player’s hands, and he can think of how to solve any problems that he needs to solve. How this [aspect] creates these unique stories of players that belong to you because you made them, right? I think it’s powerful", – Said the creative director. "This is the provision of sandbox to players, where they can show creativity, experiment and develop their own methods of game. This has become a guiding star, which led to a long period of creating prototypes, testing games and trying to understand how to make this formula work in practice".

So far, developers from Embark Studios are planning to play on The Finals carefully, even deciding not to go on the usual roadmap of developers, which the creative director explains by the fact that they only want "make promises that we can keep".