The fan repaired the PC version of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, which could not make Ubisoft in 18 years

Many years ago, Ubisoft had an unpleasant habit of frivolous to relate to PC when it came to Prince of Persia. The most infamous example of this is the failure of the PC of Epilogue additions containing the end of the history of the Prince Persia. We no longer expect that the situation will change, but thanks to the stubborn fan, another spot in the history of the series for the PC now remains in the past.

For almost 18 years that have passed since the game, Ubisoft has not deigned to correct the problems of the PC version of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Dawid Freeman, a fan of the game, decided to do it himself, and the result was a project called The Unofficial Patch, which is available for downloading directly from our site for free.

  • First of all, the mod thoroughly processes the work of the camera in the game. This aspect in the PC version was incredibly annoyed. Using the modification, the control of the camera using the mouse has been significantly improved. The so -called dead zone was minimized, thanks to which the game reacts even to barely noticeable movements.
  • An irritating camera auto -centralization in many scenes was also eliminated, and the speed of rotation of the chamber was increased.
  • Other improvements were made – the width of the field of view was increased to correspond to one in the Xbox version of the game.
  • The settings of contrast and brightness were also improved.
  • Faced non -working smoothing.
  • A limitation of 60 frames per second has been introduced (the game paints if the engine works with much higher FPS, which is a common problem on modern PCs).

In order for The Unofficial Patch to become a full fan update that corrects all the problems of the game, the author also added to the modification project from other developers. As a result, we get:

  • DirectX 11 engine;
  • Correctly working smoothing (4xmsaa);
  • restoration of blood effects during battle;
  • correct support for screens with an aspect ratio of 16: 9;
  • Fixed visual errors (for example, fog and glow);
  • Fixed user interface.

The author improved what he could. He could not change some things without access to the source code, but on the whole The Unofficial Patch is a mandatory thing for those who want to play Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones today.

In the future, the developer considers the possibility of creating better textures, although in this case he experiences technical difficulties with the implementation of this idea and seeks someone who will help to reproach the game files for this.

Ubisoft the old games ruin, turning off the DLS and online, and then the prince of Persia is two thrones.

The maximum is enough Jubisoft to hire another non-bureau, an effective manager than to develop/repair/repair or do at least something useful.

When for Warrior Within this will be brought up, then I will be satisfied.

I don’t remember the jambs there, I went through 20 times, there are no such games anymore 🙁

In the Steam in the leaderships and the game there are a bunch of guides and mods for wide monitors and so on.

More who would fix the sands of time and fight with fate, and it would be cool.

The fight is perfect and playable to this day. Google to help how to adapt it to widescents.

Respect to him, other parts would fix the other parts.

I hope I will live to the remaster of the entire trilogy

No, exactly what Remaster. Purely tighten the visual, transplanting to the new one moved and slightly improve control. We do not need remakes.

Two stools generally need a change of contents. The fact that the ugles were going to do initially.

Thanks to this handsome man, finally got started up

Yeah, there were so many attempts. Remember these annual reports on this game from Jubisoft? I don’t remember either.

P.With. Thanks for providing videos with changes. From 6 minutes.

Anniversaries – could not, or did not want . And the fan – respect. WELL DONE .

And they really tried?

The game is broken in the trash, it must be redone completely. All these patches, so purely crutches so that the game is at least a little playful. This mechanics with a demonic form is generally inserted through a chocolate eye. If you have entered it on the script, then the exit should also be on the script, and not run along the entire Loka with the end of health and look for an exit point, otherwise you will die. But it is best to make it that you can activate and turn off at any time. That there would be a choice of scenes. Either you go in the form of a person along stealth, or you cut a holk and break the break, but then you need to constantly monitor the level of health and is foamed by the killings of mobs. You can also add some devils that are susceptible only to Damag in the shape of a demon, if you just want the players to use this chip, and not just run the game on stealth.

I can’t understand what bugs were there? As soon as the game came out, in those days I immediately bought a licensed disk, there was still protection, so that the publisher would not be started without the game. So I went on my PC twice, once on normal complexity, the other on maximum and I don’t remember something that I had some bugs during the passage.
Well, the disk naturally remained, only the drive is no longer))

There was one bug on the Babylonian tower, when it was necessary to jump on the grip on the springboard, and he flew further and therefore did not bother.

Now "Ubisoft" It will be delighted that everything was done for them, and will cut down the RIMACK.

They have not been able to make a remake of Peskov for 3 years (although they were going to output it back in the 21st), what is there

So they did it for 5 years before the announcement of XD

Now, once again for 5 years they will do.

So Ubisoft does not like to remember T2T – there are those who know about catastrophic development in Ubisoft Casablanca (lost for a whole year), created in the Montreal of total mystification "perfect, completely completed game", To cover production blood pressure on E3-2005. Moreover, few people want to remember what the game was done in an extremely short time – 9 months, which, by those standards, was not very acceptable. For the sake of saving the main version, Ubisoft also canceled GBA/NDS version T2T.

Her remake adequate like Haylo Chief collector. But knowing the anniversary, they will not be able to degenerate like that.

Ubisoft I think it would have done a good thing, giving sources to old games. But I would single back Far Cry 2 and this part of the Prince of Persia.

It is not clear what the anniversary is afraid, without making such a decision.

If you open the sources, then those who grow up from where they need to, will improve these inevis so that the anniversaries will not be able to chop the loot on all -rye remakes slapped by Indians on the knee. It is not profitable to distribute what else you can earn on)

Oh yes, Jubisoft looks directly thinking about his old projects and tries to reanimate them in the form of remakes. They don’t even want to redo the wretched Far Cry 2, you just need to add the plot, register gg, a living open world and remove the response of the NPS on the checkpoints, and leave the rest as it is now.

Something Crytek was not worried when he gave the editor to Far Cry 1 with file editing. And Jubisoft soars. It smacks of greed.

I can offer an idea even better. Jubisoft makes a remake and releases it, and a month later gives an open source to the old version of the game. There is no problem.

The first time he played two chairs (a year after the release of the game), awesome with the fact that the prince looked worse than in the second part. Really, damn it, this part was done "On from. Is", But after the second part, many thought that the third would be even cooler.

Damn it doesn’t work for me. And which version is it better to put on?

I somehow went on this part, although I played with pleasure in The Sands of Time and Warrior Within. I was periodically looking into the past "Wouldn’t it go to her now?" And I still could not get. I did not even suspect that she had such problems! It would be necessary to shake the antiquity and catch up with this omission, now you can definitely 👍 Thanks for the patch!

I tried last year to go through a GOG version and there were so many difficulties that I had to roll a fan patch (not this) to the distance of the camera from the hero and to normal FullHD resolution.

Wherein, If you turn off the Lock FPS, then the prince cannot go down the metal chain and some animations simply do not work. Basically, it concerned the gimple for the dark prince. And the Lock FPS is tough enough, it seems at 30 FPS lips.

Oh yes, still in all versions broken divided into fatalia From the prince. And there is also a fan micropathic which and it repaired.

And on modern video cards, there are lights when the screen is poured with a white haze. Wow, this is not to describe. It seems that fans did not fix it.

In short, without mods almost non -granous now. And Ubisoft scored, as always.

He returned the dismemberment, which shows what should be in the game, but they turned it off .

In fact, the dismemberment was returned +100500 years ago, just a person added her for the company to his patch. From the fact that I noticed the good, as it seemed to me, KAT scenes are now synchronously with sound, before a bit lagging behind. He most likely spent all these frauds through DGVOODOO? It allows you to configure a lot of things, but again, if you know how to climb the settings and turn on vsync, then all this is not necessary, the API DX 11 is also turned on through DGVOODOO, and all fraud with the camera are conducted through the Hex editor of the EXE file. Of course, I myself did not reduce it, but I have friends who are modify the trilogy. There, both a fixed camera was turned off with a spidding, but the free camera personally interferes with me, because I play purely on the clave almost without using the mouse, but with such features of a free chamber, you constantly need to display it myself, which only interferes. Of the inconvenience and jambs of the patch, I can note, the lit square area on the screen, it can be seen when rewinding and during outbreaks. And the inability to be tank, after a turn, it goes in the window and does not bother it back in any way, perhaps this can be attached to DGVOODOO. Minusins. I understand everything, I tried. And I do not scour him in any case, I just express my objective opinion . Based on observations and re vanity in the field of modding of the trilogy, I will ask you not to rush to poop

Indeed, according to the gameplay, it became slower, despite the fact that the same 60 FPS on the counter is noticeable that the doors are not so fast and the animation of the traps was slightly stretched, and in places where they spun and turned around, as announced ( discs, wall stakes), now their speed is quite normal, for this person (unless of course I think), it really is worth saying thanks, it is quite possible that the game worked initially, but if I leave the patch, you will have to get used to it To such a slope gameplay.