The famous Dataminer Bloodborne criticized David Jaffa about yesterday’s statement about Bloodborne remaster

Lance McDonald, a well-known Dataminer Souls-Igr and the person standing behind the unofficial Patch Bloodborne 60fps, turned on Twitter criticizing David Jaffa about yesterday’s rumor that Sony will release Bloodborne remister for PS5.

Yesterday, the creator of the original series of God of War and Twisted Metal David Scott Jaffe published a new video on YouTube, which stated that Sony is working on the Bloodborne PS5 version or PC for PC. He also said that the game will be present at the PlayStation exhibition, which, according to rumors, will take place at the end of this month. As you have already guessed, these statements have become viral, and now Lance McDonald fell on Jaffa for the spread of unreasonable rumors. In his tweet, the Datamainer and the Souls-IGR insider said that Jaffa had fallen from his once high place and currently does not have real internal sources.

It’s so sad to see that David Jaffa, a man who created God of War, was so sank from his place in the industry that for the influence of influence he resorts to the disclosure of the baseless rumors that he heard from the creators of the content. This dude no longer even has real internal sources. Sadly.

As expected, always expressive Jaffa answered McDonald’s tweet, saying that it "information" emanates from a journalist who often turns out to be true in his information.

This is sad only for you, because you seem to like to create video games. In the end, I hated it, and I much more like what I am doing now. If I still wanted to make games, I would agree. It is sustainable to have a job that you do not adore. Honestly, I am glad that I have tied up with the creation of games.

In the next tweet, the creator of God of War added:

Is not "Insider infa". This is just a fucking journalist who sometimes tells me everything, and she was always right when she shared her. This is not some kind of pont or something like that; She told me that if I do not call her name, I can tell people. That’s all that is/was.

In the new video, Jaffa later explained his answer and clarified what he meant, speaking of the Bloodborne version for PS5/PC.