The Elder Scrolls 6 engine should make serious improvements and changes, Jez Korden believes

The Bethesda SoftWorks studio recently marked the successful release of its new game. The developers have released a large -scale role -playing game Starfield. Many players and critics remained completely delighted with open space, but there were those who scold the project due to an outdated graphic engine. The editor -in -chief of the Windows Central publication Jes Corden is sure that in the future it will be very processed and improved in The Elder Scrolls 6.

The journalist spent tens of hours in Starfield and during this time managed to confirm some technical problems associated with the engine. The game uses an improved version of Creation Engine, which created The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. The engine received several important improvements, especially in the visual part, but it lacks the total stability and multi -passage, where a huge number of loading screens in Starfield come from.

According to Jesz Corden, for the upcoming The Elder Scrolls 6, Bethesda engineers should seriously process the Creation Engine. When the new RPG comes out, players may not forgive the developers with constant loading, even if there is a huge open world. As the journalist noted, he managed to communicate with some employees of the studio, and those, in turn, indirectly hinted that work on improving the engine for the new The Elder Scrolls is already going on.

So serious that it should be a different engine. CE has long been a place in a landfill of history.

Say this to popular engines like Surs, Ue, Cryengine. If the engine is improved, it is better (KEP). Another thing is that the gazebo constantly rinses games and they simply do not have so many free resources to engage in the engine.

Oh well, Shoto this engine does not get better how it was feces so and stayed with them.

So I wrote that the gazebo is almost not engaged in them. Yes, and with Starfield, they clearly decided to jump above their heads (as in the case of F76). Was it easier for them to take the same seo? Perhaps but there are nuances. Firstly, they may not have specialists with him. Secondly, competition would not allow the engine to take another company. And secondly, we would just get another game on which of which recently and so dofiga. The gazebo engine, although it is quite distinctive. They just need to forget about games for a couple of years and rewrite the movement. (but players will begin to whine give a new foul and scrolls)

For some reason, I think that they have resources and they are full, but there is no desire – no, alas.

Why should it be the problem of players in the fact that their dviglo is not developing? Yes, and how it can develop, when modern patches say that there are more crutches in the Dvigli than the working code? When you repair one – it breaks in another place.

A huge world does not need if there is a procedural study there. Let them do everything manually, but with a scale below

By the way, yes. Agree. Filling and quality – decisive factors. And open empty, "large" There are enough worlds. And I will not say that they would strongly dragged on their gigantonism. The only cosmos of course a priori is a monstrously large location.But, this is already a matter of implementation within a reasonable. In straight hands, ideas and talent.

That’s it. Therefore, Skyrim and became so legendary.

10 years to develop the Starfield on the old Follout engine 4, another 7 years of development of Skyrim 6 on the Fallut 4 engine

with optimization of excellent and)

Gothic is a great example of a small but stunningly worked out world.

Wow, it turns out the Morderian engine requires serious changes. Who would have thought?

"Many were delighted and only some are not happy. "

Hmm, what are you smoking there? Go to YouTube and watch preliminary reviews, there almost everyone scolds the game literally for everything, this is the plot, tasks, a combination of graphics + optimization and so on.

And what difference does it make that some journalist thinks something there, they sell the game expensive and saved everything when it was created.

This is a vacuum in which the races and many journalists live. Speaking "Many were delighted", They do not mean us in you, but the same "Elitariev" like himself.

They can see them too much money and they began to consider themselves gods and decided that we would be satisfied

Praise those to whom Todd and the company entered the suitcase of money.

We have already been fed, let’s shift it thoroughly this time so that it really is the Creation Engine 3, if many people do not care for many (at least much more than scrolls and folish), then the crooked tes 6 gazebo will definitely not forgive.

There should really be another engine.

Or, the current one must be shoveled to the level of the new. And, not in words, how they have this year after year.)

Judging by Starfield there is a good edge and it is unlikely to carry it out, because Todd does not care. In principle, it becomes scary for the future The Elder Scrolls 6.

Starfield is one of the best games of five years, you played at least a little yourself or the negative vidos looked at who have computers 10 years ago and they wanted to play the ultras and they complain about the game, the grapho is cooler than in the cybercation. The only negative is faces

Here I look at the Starfield and for Tes becomes dumb.

Photo news from Nexus, from the user 4thunknown – a well -known, very good English model.

The Elder Scrolls 6 engine should make serious improvements and changes, said the chief editor of the Windows Central Jesa Corden

What other changes? We have already made a gift, adding an animation of the use of stairs, what else do you need? Oh, these critics, they always lack something 🙂

"Players may not forgive developers with constant loads, even if there is a huge open world".

There are a lot of downloads, they don’t even notice them for 1, 3 seconds, in other games you wait longer, no one says, but there are a lot of downloads, lol

What are you talking about!? Loading for loading! Did not play, or something.. Moreover, they are densely connected with the mechanics, with the cosmole, so they are really more annoying slightly than in the follower or Skye. But they are fast – this is a fact. Because the locations are mostly small to ridiculous, and if there are large ones relatively in their engine, then poorly loaded. Therefore, the loads are fast, the stump is clear.

A gas -off movement on it, you can rivet not that the flawed UE 5 mod does not put

There is a deal of truth in it.

You can put mods on everything if you want. Example: FacePunch and early version S&Box on UE4.

Too – absolutely true. It’s just that they are more difficult to do there, fashion. And here models already know how and from which side to approach him.

How feces do not name, but stink and be fecal, he will not stop. In general, we would have switched to unreal for a long time. Although, one fig, their hands from ass growing.

Yes, they can create their own. Previously, they made it with modest budgets, a lot of short modest ones, now what is bothering them..))

Here are the stupid ones as you scream the engine, and the anryl is even worse, it is not created for the open world, but you can forget about mods, so yes the gazebo is a normal and excellent engine, especially for models, but how do you know how to know this

That both engines are feces, I already know, although, it’s better to unity than the same unity, if you choose by the number of bugs that are characteristic of the engine itself.

houses and caves I think will remain through loading. But the question of what kind of field will the game be released. if on this, then the difference with the Starfield will be as much as the same between the lunge and the scorim simply.

Of course, I would certainly like a completely open monolithic seamless world, but I don’t know if it is to climb this business until there will be complete total seamless lighting and any soft passing for the Mid of Tuman. In the meantime, the heavenly light comes from Skybox and there is no dispersion of shadows on the clouds of ITP, I don’t know that it was not to feel Neksten. and the details of the nada are seriously tightened, otherwise in Starkfield it seems Tavon without shadows and a large grass with a large mash with planes and not hi-mores with bags. And in Hogwarts, in fact, trawon and the vets, too, just in the trees of the sutures, I would like to close up in the mod so that it became all three -dimensional. such a grass in Tes 6 will definitely not forgive fans. Flexible trees with accurate clashes I think and Krakmy is still very ambitious and unknown to them to make the boats so that the forest is thick and when you move to the textures replaced.

And finally he looked at some interview with Tod, he said that if there were more power to be more than the NPS and there would be more city, so. So there will probably be more than in Skyrim and to everyone to enter the apartment.

And the most cool is that those who make old Citizen to the edge of Endi made a celestial world, where you can get from one planet with their own moves and land on the surface of the planet, and you can fly around the planet, and the city on the planet is large, they somehow managed to redo the engine.

Yes, this is very cool because I remember that I was very bombarded when I installed the Shar Endi 3 and there was a maximum of 4×4 km and I did not understand how to make more. Sruzis 1 on the Srua Endin 3 The first card 16x16km. And old people Chris 64 have a discharge coordinate system that was only for a toigine, if maybe then there is still no. I also remember Chris’s artifacts on Cruiser and I had similar artifacts on UE4, but I corrected them, the truth did not correct the asteroid ring, but in theory I can. I also knocked out the level on UE4 where IP was the solar system and seamless pellets and I realized that the lighting does not work as it should be due to the fact that there is no atmosphere. And that the solar system will not be able to fill up the solar system and the sun is simple, although it is there and the correct size. and the moon of the correct size and Albedo but it was not visible and it was not clear apparently if the if it did not throw her brightness and she seemed small to me. Then I climbed into the atmosphere and handed over to do so that he would take the picture after him and stretch it in the screen space in Dol Dot to the Normals. still, as it were, the sun should be visible several degrees higher than really. But the light will not be the same where the imaginary sun is now, so you need to make an amendment for this business for all planets separately. And many more interesting things and everyone, and in general, is needed a engine that will do all this normally. A regular engine for not very well suits to make a flying planet and so that it can be put on it without programming and so that they do not fall down from it . This requires a very high numerical accuracy. And the effects are relativistic, because when the galaxy is spinning its edge will not be where the Euclidean engine thinks, not to mention the nearest galactic cluster. And when an enemy starship in 6 light watches should look in a telescope since he looked 6 hours ago even if he had dumped already. for all, this is nada to shove the engine very much.

Improve faces to a modern level and you can rivet for another 15 years of game on this version of the engine, all the rest is for RPGs

Ahaha, of course, we have already seen Starfield) The next morons will wait for the tes6 in the hope that he will be wow))) well, a sucker is not a mammoth))

But 2028, Karl, this is too long . . .

The engine would be time to send to the trash. He is more than 20 years old.

Everything is clear with the engine . I also ask you to send the entire department of the animators to retire, they had several decades to learn in modern animations and they went wild every time – the conclusion is not trained or sit in positions due to merits in the sexual field

Animators very strongly spoiled the final releases 🙁

Yes, in the Starfield of animation from F4 🤦

And remember the glitch with acceleration from Oblivion 4 to Falouce76-? You look at your feet and run and so, accelerating, they did not fix it faster ? There the glitch nap glitch and glitch rules . They would have long been switched to UNRIAL of the 5th 250 thousand Baku Baku are worth only then ! Fed greed ??

Why climb to where everything has been working since the time? Just make more recent, distribute the nargust to the ancient engine as a dermo mammoth.

Lucky Starfield that he did not release in ancient Sparta.And the modders would not have had time to faster gravity.

The engine is outdated, carry a new.
The new part requires new sensations for players, a more dynamic fighter and opportunities, on the old engine it will simply be impossible.

I hope something worthwhile will come out)

Fig. And the room is open, there are already 12 piglets sitting on a LALL GAMA, I thought the game has already been released

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