The creator of “Heroes 3” never played Heroes of Might and Magic from Ubisoft

Journalists managed to personally talk with David Mallik – the gamer -director of the third and fourth "Heroes". He previously talked about the case with his colleague. And this time, Mallik spoke about his current attitude to the series. He highly appreciates the fact that she continues to live in the minds of fans, respects the prosperous modification market and glad that Homm is still alive thanks to Ubisoft (although relative silence has been reigning around the brand for many years).

However, as he admits, he never played Heroes from Ubisoft. He only had a chance to casually hear from the developers themselves about the fifth part, but he quickly decided that he would not enjoy observing how his beloved series was developed by someone else. He said:

When Homm 4 was handed over, most of us were fired in New World. And I was one of these people. Therefore, I left the company before the Homm franchise was sold Ubisoft. I really did not worry about it personally, I even attended E3 about a year after the dismissal, and I went to the Ubisoft stand, where they showed their plans for Heroes 5. I went there because I was interested, but when I listened to the description of the game, it was a little like observing how someone else is raising your children, and I decided that I needed to completely dissociate myself from this situation. I never played Homm 5 and did not pay attention to what happened next in the Heroes series.

As already mentioned, Mallik welcomes the continuation of the series, but at the same time notes that Ubisoft failed to get the correct combination of elements to prove the uniqueness of Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and 3. Such criticism should not surprise, especially since Mallik experiences great pride in his previous achievements. If he had to choose one favorite thing in "Troika", then, according to him, he likes the most. Everything – that is, the sum of the components in the form of graphics, music, gameplay and plot, uniting into a holistic, harmonious whole.

Currently, Mallik works as a teacher, so he does not have much time to follow modern trends, but his comment or opinion in connection with past achievements will always be taken seriously.