The Colossal Order leadership responded to criticism: “Cits: SkyLines 2 may simply not be for you”

Many gamers know that Cits: SkyLines 2 debuted in a state far from the expected. Despite the fact that more than a month has passed since the release, the second part of the urban planning simulator is still experiencing problems with optimization and gameplay.

This, unfortunately, does not affect the popularity of the game, which has recently played fewer people than in the original 2015. The situation in which Cits: Skylines 2 turned out to be commented by the head of Colossal Order Marina Halikainen.

The general director of the company joined the discussion during which the community did not spare sharp words to the elements of the world CS2, which, in their opinion, are broken. According to the players, many of them do not work as they should.

It is interesting that Halicainen said that with regard to these aspects, Colossal Order managed to achieve previously set goals, and if someone does not like the current simulator, then perhaps CITIES: SkyLines 2 is not for him.

When it comes to gameplay and simulator, we set the goal before the game, and we have reached them. Of course, there are problems that we work and correct errors, but in general, the gameplay turned out to be the way we sought. CITIES SKYLINES 2 – the best game compared to the first. If you do not like simulators, this game may not be for you. If there is a mistake that spoils the impression of the game, then it is likely that it will be corrected in the future.

The head of the company added that everyone perceives the game in their own way and it is impossible to please everyone. However, she assured that "soon" CS2 will receive the necessary patches.

Games are a subjective experience, and it is impossible to please everyone. However, in the near future a patch that corrects errors will be released, so I hope we can solve at least some of the problems that may become a problem for some.

Although, in the case of the gaming process itself, Halicainen protects Cits: SkyLines 2, when it comes to optimization, the head of the studio understands that there is still where to strive. At the same time, the developer expressed regret about the not released version of the game for consoles and support for mods.

The performance is not at the level at which we would like to see it, and we hardly work on its improvement. This is also the reason for the delay in the release of the game for consoles. Modes support is an important part of the Colossal Order game, so it will also be implemented as soon as possible. We are disappointed that we could not prepare these aspects of the game on time, but we are not going to give up. The missing functions and platforms will be available in the coming months.

Recall that additional content for CS2 called Beach Properties will appear in the game only at the beginning of next year (its launch was originally scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023). Then Cits: Skylines 2 will finally receive a console version (PS5 and XSX/S).