The authors of the atmospheric surviv once Human told several new details

Once Human was one of the most intriguing games presented at last year’s Netease Connect event. Her sinister and strange trailer attracted many people and caused a desire to learn more. At today’s presentation of the annual Netease event, this is exactly what happened.

Once Human is a game of survival with the theme of New Weird (the literary genre of new strange ones), which means that you can expect to see elements of realism in combination with otherworldly phenomena. The developers say that they drew inspiration from g.P. Lovecraft, which means that you can expect cosmic horror, trying to survive.

The game takes place on a huge map of 16×16 km with four different biomes. In addition to creatures from another kingdom with which you have to fight, there are six fractions in the game. Of course, the game has a lot of things, but the team insists that players can choose the type of content with which they want to deal.

If PVE is your horse, then you can focus on this, collecting resources in the world to create an increasingly powerful equipment to fight everything that the game throws you. There are also dungeons that need to be explored, and powerful bosses that you can fight with.

In addition, there is a PVP for those who want to test their skills against others. You can not only attack other players, but also steal their prey by defeating them in a shootout. In addition, you can unite with other players and seize the territory. After that, you can fight with other players in battles 20 to 20.

Fight with other players, shoot ktulhu’s relatives and even fight bad weather – sounds quite tense, which is probably justified. The game will be preserved in the game, which means that you will have to cope with this along with the usual problems of the survival game, such as health and hunger.

Once Human will appear in the App Store, Google Play and PC. The release of the game is scheduled for the winter of this year. Preliminary registration on mobile devices has not yet begun, but you can add the game to the list of desired in Steam.