The authors of Fallout 76 told new details about the update of Atlantic City

Of course, there are developers who seem to, "Never miss" with the games they are released, but there are Bethesda. Which still continues to work on correcting one of its biggest mistakes – Fallout 76 (now it is "Honorary" The place was taken by Starfield). For those who do not know, this part of the beloved post -apocalyptic franchise came out many years ago and thought about it "MMO version" Popular role -playing game. But from the very beginning, everything went awry.

Firstly, the game turned out to be incredibly buggy. Secondly, despite the fact that it was MMO, the world seemed "empty", And there was nothing interesting in it. Many of those who played this game said that she was missing "charm" and other elements that made original games better. Despite all the problems, Bethesda did not refuse the game, and is now preparing to release a large addition that will expand the possibilities of the game. In the PlayStation Blog blog, the team talked about the opportunity to visit places such as Atlantic City, Pittsburgh and others.

"As a native of the state of New Jersey, I had long hoped that we would have a chance to introduce my native state to the Fallout world", – Said the leading quest designer Joshua Moretolid. "Atlantic City was an ideal opportunity for this".

One of the things that you will immediately notice in the content of Atlantic City is that it will be "feel" yourself differently than other cities in which you were. For example, there will be electricity and water supply. But despite these "achievements", It has new dangers:

"The municipal government supports light, water and food in Atlantic City", – Explained the m andoas. Then we have an organized criminal group "Family", as well as a chaotic guild of artists, known as "Showmen". Each of them controls something vital for the further functioning of the Atlantic City".

You have to go through all groups and see everything that the city can offer. But go beyond the city with caution. Apparently, the forest beyond the borders grows like frantic and can absorb the city if nothing is done.

Obviously, Fallout 76 is no longer the game that was released several years ago, and you can enjoy the new content on December 5.