Take-Two plans to develop and, if possible, monetize the role modifications GTA5 Fivem and RDR2 Redm

In August 2023, Rockstar reported important news. Rockstar reported that she united with CFX.re which created GTA 5 Fivem and RDR 2 Redm. And just yesterday, during the Take-Two conference, Strauss Zelnick spoke about his Fivem and Redm monetization plans.

Rockstar Games announced that Citizenfx, a team that created Fivem and Redm role -playing communities for Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, officially joined the company. Due to its great enthusiasm and creativity, Citizenfx played a key role in expanding the capabilities of user content in the leading games Rockstar. We look forward to when they continue to create these creative communities and help them prosper in the future.

This, of course, implies that the Citizenfx team will continue to create similar RP functions for GTA 6, and the potion has given a few more eloquent comments about the possibilities of monetizing this kind of content during the session of questions and answers later.

Firstly, these are people who really play role-playing servers, and secondly, people who observe what they do on Twitch. Both are really interesting. Actually playing people are a relatively modest audience calculated by hundreds of thousands, but those who watch are a huge audience. We are interested, first of all, that our intellectual property be protected. We are also very interested in satisfying the consumer where he is located, and for some consumers, modding is a really important activity. And finally, if people use our intellectual property, we would like to monetize it if possible. We believe that this gives us the opportunity to do all of the above.

If you did not know, then Fivem and Redm are one of the best modifications for GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2. These mods allow people playing a PC to get together and have fun through the network. These cool mods allow you to play on user game servers that people create just for entertainment. And you know what? Some claim that FiveM is even better than the official network mode in GTA 5.

The irony of fate, Rockstar Games in 2015 stated that Fivem is an unauthorized multiplayer mod for GTA5. Rockstar claimed that the mod violates its rules. Moreover, Rockstar tried to ban this mod. Then Take-Two sent private detectives in an attempt to close this project. And now, after almost ten years, the FiveM team is part of Rockstar Games.