Sovereign Syndicate, steampunk game in the Disco Elysium style, received the first grades – the game has 78 points

In the eve of the release of the game Sovereign Syndicate, which will take place on PC on January 15, the draft studio Crimson Herring Studios started to receive the first grades. At the moment, the average score of the game for Metacritic amounts to 78 points based on 5 reviews.

Above all, the project was evaluated by the publication Try Hard Guides, which put him 90 points. The author praised the magnificent gloomy atmosphere of London and the plot in the game, calling him a truly exciting. But the reviewer did not really like the gameplay of the game, according to him he is rather boring.

Checkpoint Gaming Put the game 85 points. The observer was pleased with the game. He writes that he liked this damn charming game on the Victorian steampunk-city. As a player, he was interested in delving into the gloomy depths of this alternative Universe of East London and watch the plot of three main characters.

Edition PC Gamer The game set 80 points: the reviewer writes that although Sovereign Syndicate begins well, the game has certain problems with the latest chapters, they made such a feeling in a hurry – because of this he got the impression that Teddy ultimately feels like a guy who accidentally turned out to be accidentally there, and not equal to the main character. However, the other two -thirds of the games definitely hit the target. According to the author, even being a person who does not eat sympathy for steampunk as a genre, he became interested in this mixture of Victorian London and mythology due to how well Sovereign Syndicate transfers time and place.

Edition RPG FAN, Having set the game 75 points praised the atmosphere of the game, but indicated that she was disappointed by the gameplay and the plot narrative. According to the author, a gameplay with a tarot cards is more felt as a set of accidents on which the player cannot affect, and the plot turned out to be insufficient enough because of which it was not possible to worry about the characters in the course of the game.

The most Polish edition set up the game Gryonline.PL – Only 55 points. The author went on each aspect of the game: a slow and protracted plot, an uninteresting gameplay and the lack of experiences for the characters. According to the author, the main plus of this game – it helped to understand all the genius of Disco Elysium.