Some details about one of the alleged DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 appeared

It seems that the Datamainers did not calm down after a large -scale hacker incident that occurred last year with the Insomniac Games. After detecting information about the upcoming games of the PlayStation studio, including an independent spin-off about Venoma and a fully playable version of Marvel’s Wolverine on PC before its exit in 2026, there were details about one of the future DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man Man;.

@zvis_ceral, a reliable industry insider, which is written by several famous publications, reported the appearance of one of the most underestimated and little-known enemies of a spider-spider from comics-a beetle.

In the upcoming DLC, which will add several new missions, types of enemies and at least a couple of hours of content, Miles Morales will most likely be in the spotlight.

In particular, from the data obtained it became known that this iteration of the beetle will be Jennis Lincoln, the daughter of a tombstone, one of the villains of the first Marvel’s Spider-Man.

In the history of Spider-Man, Jenis Lincoln, like a beetle, is dressed in a technologically advanced costume equipped with the possibility of flying, increased strength and built-in weapons. This makes her a unique test for Miles Morales, the expected central character DLC, as Peter Parker rested after the events of the sequel.

The appearance of a beetle can bring new dynamics to the game, offering new missions, trials and experience.

As for the mechanics of the game, there may be missions in DLC that will require a different strategy from players using the Miles unique abilities to combat the technological skill of the beetle. The addition of a beetle as the main antagonist can lead to the creation of an exciting storyline, where Miles Morales must outwit and outwit the villain who relies on gadgets and technology, and not on rough power or supernatural abilities.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 went to the PlayStation 5 under enthusiastic reviews at the end of 2023. Although the game did not receive any awards at the December ceremony of The Game Awards, it still set a new record for PlayStation. Unfortunately, I had to pay for success in the literal. This forced Sony to reconsider its financial investments in INSOMNIAc, despite the critical and commercial success of the studio in recent years.