Sales of Horizon Forbidden West exceeded 8.4 million copies, sales of a franchise – 32.7 million; The adventures of Ela will continue

More than 8.4 million copies of Horizon Forbidden West, and the Horizon franchise, consisting of Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West and Horizon Call of the Mountain, was sold, more than 32.7 million copies were sold, the publisher of Sony Interaactive Mentertain reported MENT and developer Guerrilla.

The companies added that “Millions of more people around the world»Discovered the franchise using PlayStation subscriptions and services such as PlayStation Plus and Play At Home.

“Finally, I would like to share the fact that we are so excited by the fact that the adventures of Ela will continue,” said the director of the Guerrilla Games studio and director of the art studio and the animation of Jan-bart Van Bick on the PlayStation blog. “Her last mission leads her to Los Angeles ruins in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, and we cannot wait for you to find out where she will go further”.

We are waiting for Ela King Size!

Who knows, presumably, the 3rd part of the game will be final? or the series can continue "endlessly"?

So far, the inconsistent spoke about the third only part (well, the branches and the series I do not think). And there he knows further figs.

Rather, her adventures of the second part would bring her to a PC.

Days Gone Gamder director: Sales have already exceeded 9 million copies, but the leadership pretended to be disappointed

Eh, now the new Killzone with the gameplay of the second part and the count of the fourth. Well, the third part of the adventures by Ela is waiting, I wonder what is there for such a new terrible AI

Graphone 4 kilzon is not the same.

This is such minimal Wishlist, but the engine is the same, desima, he made his debut just in 4 parts

In 2 and 3 parts, such a very fat graphite is very fat, the textures are so fatty. And at 4, the expanses themselves said that they tried the format of textures from past parts, but with them the game weighed more than 200GB, so they remade it for a new dawn easier.

The Lybukhins of passions are hungry.

very well. Enjoy further)

Sales are good, but the sequel is clearly inferior.

Return her correct orientation, devils!

In the third part, it will become black?

No, just a trance.

The niga will be.

The mediocre plot is also included in this game, but no one thought about it, because so?

For a game with such a budget, this is an extremely mediocre indicator, it should be 12-15.

No, the 2nd was superfluous, she became a lesbukha (((

And that with the fact that she became a lesbukha, from this the game suddenly became much worse in terms of gameplay or plot? Simple stupid exclamations at the level of a one -year -old child are simply amazing. For me, the theme of all these homosexual movements as for any normal person are absolutely unnatural, but it is necessary to consider at what time and where the game is created. It must be understood that in the world of the game people are not limited by some of the usual foundations, religions, so it is there that it is quite familiar.

It’s just tired of what now comes out of each corner "The story".

but someone was tired that all the GG in the games is hetero. For 30 years, all gg is natural where you don’t spit (games with the selected novels do not count). And here 1-2 games were released where GG Permanento LGBT (and not even gays but lesbians) and the stink immediately began because of this. Someone expressed you for the fact that the cratos is natural? or that Dante is natural? or that Lara is a natural? No. so what you then stuck to the characters who were not even positioned as natural? I also understand if these gg were first by naturallies and then it was precisely the agenda for the sake of them that lezbi made them. Then yes, indignation would be justified, but the words about her orientation did not say that in the first Joraisen, that in the first last of the AC, and when they said that both of them were also immediately broke. what’s happened? Your sexual fantasies broke off? Here, obviously, I got it with anything.