Ravenbound received update 1.1, adding a new tree of skills, hidden treasures, balance improvements and more

ROGUELITE with the Open World of Systemic Reaction Ravenbound has received a new loading content today with the latest content update 1.1. The addition of Hammers of ávalt, available for free in Steam for a limited time, represents a completely new type of young weapon, giving players new powerful ways to kill their enemies. In addition, free update 1.1 contains a new tree of skills for development, secrets that need to be disclosed, as well as a number of improvements and errors for all players. And with the cancellation of the APEX Connect requirement, players can now experience the fantasy open world Ravenbound for the first time autonomous.

The first paid addition for Ravenbound, “Hammers of ávalt” is represented by 13 hammers with various abilities, as well as six cards with special effects so that players can additionally configure their arsenal. Starting from today, players can get DLC Hammer Avalta for free on Steam until July 13, after which it will be available at the price of $ 3.99.

Features of update 1.1

  • Play online or offline: earlier a mandatory Ravenbound Apex Connect requirement was deleted! Now players can first experience the game online and offline.
  • New tree of skills: players can now earn money glasses of skills to unlock the perks and other skills, which can significantly progress with each passage.
  • A new hidden treasure: four new options for hidden treasures have been introduced that allow players to unlock coins, health, mana, blessings and reduce hatred.
  • Combat Balance: many adjustments were made by virtue and behavior of enemies in order to even more balance the complexity of the battle.

This new content complements many shooting updates added from the moment the game exit earlier this year, including the overhaul of the hatred system, improve the balance and pace of the game, new cards and increased variety of cards, a processed menu for the choice of ships and numerous corrections of errors and improve the quality of life.