One of the characters Baldur’s Gate 3 is able to realize what is in the game

IN Baldur’s Gate 3 Karlah’s companion is able to break the fourth wall. Cubblot Datamainer published a video on his YouTube channel, in which Tiflingha realizes that he is in the game.

In one of the dialogues (the blogger did not indicate which one), Karllah is trying to demonstrate the technique of recognizing lies by the view of the creature that Zariel learned from the priest. At some point, her gaze is transferred to the camera, and she asks the player what will happen to her. If you answer her questions, then Tiflingha will give out the following monologue.

“I see … a huge web. Crossing lines and behind them chaos. And then the hand that decides: yes, no. But she barely knows herself. Moreover, she sees her place in this web. I’m stuck here forever. In these confusing lines, in these hundreds of hours, or less, or more … you have fun, isn’t it so?” – Karllae.

Slala, who voiced the heroine, NIKS confirmed that the developers did not cut the words of Karllah about the player. “Congratulations on finding [Easter], I may tell you about this when someone runs this dialogue in a natural way, instead of pulling out a file and then get confused in context,” the actress added.

This is where such a wonderful Easter)

The lords are smart

We would also look at the camera and ask "Well, you have fun?"

Who plays with us?

Oh no, we were noticed

I said that this is a masterpiece. the way it is..Already the NPS is alive

On the one hand, Easter. It seems that the game has at least one large DLC, from which they got rid of the release = ___ =

Well, why immediately dls? It could just be a cut quest or a small dialogue. Why blow out of every midge of an elephant?

Given the fact that I passed the 1st act for 25 hours, it’s even good that they cut it out, otherwise it would be possible to stay in the game at all

It seems that the outburst said that there would be no dls

Emm the actress said. What is it already now possible in the game

So far they think about it.

The fourth wall, or her consciousness could fall into our plan.

Cool Easter, you need to look for yourself.

In the dragon Age Avaking, it was also a person when you have him, he said that some unknown force entails him to run away for the cursor. In Warcraft 3 there were many such jokes if shed.
And so from the point of view of NPS it is quite difficult to imagine what it means to understand what he is in the game. From my experience, Igor, if they told me that the world is a game and I have little a bot for me because the world is an objective reality for me and I do not receive information from some other reality. And Mr. Player, if any, is either an external agent or some kind of immersed agent capable of having knowledge about another development of events from his point of view. and for him it can be important, whether the world is to some great extent by accident by the generation of silt to a large extent it to determine and until it accumulates entropy develops in a rather similar way of an interesting player. And some other NPS could have overturned about this fact and go Cuckui. but in the quasi the Middle Ages I don’t know what games were there. probably would have cared more what their free will do. ATO Shadov Hard on the ship Illitids threw it or there his underpants to get them to catch them. And then Naked ran and if she asked her to ask her, she probably said that it was her decision and her will.

It was said that you can get to this dialogue in a natural way, but how exactly no one has written yet