New season in Battle Teams 2 – a large update and PVE modes

In the Battle Teams 2 multiplayer shooter, along with the start of the new PVP seeson, PVE mode appeared, one of which reveals the details of Laura and the plot of the game.

New thematic PVE transformations "Cataclysm" They are designed for teams up to three players and include two branches: the main storyline during which players study the features of enemies and pump the equipment, as well as the modes that are based on the performance of special tasks. The successful passage of the storyline will open the “output” mode, where players will restrain the attacks of monsters in several stages, each of which is designed for a certain time. Mode "Expedition" it consists of ten levels, each of which contains five stages, for which players need to fulfill certain missions: survival, defensive, destruction and others.

Together with the start of the season, new characters appeared in Battle Teams 2: former scientist Chloe Hekler, who used her own consciousness to develop artificial intelligence; as well as Styli – the founder of the detachment "Night Hawk".

Two new weapons series were also released within the season. Weapons of the seasonal series "Predator" Includes FN FAL and SG 550 assault rifles, MP5A3 submachine gun, AWM sniper rifle and combat ax. In a new series "Nation" includes FN FAL and XM8 assault rifles, AWM sniper rifle, P90 submachine gun and Desert Eagle gun.

In March of this year, Battle Teams 2 moved to the stage of open beta testing (CB), in which everyone can take part on the VK Play site. Already now, 15 cards, 11 characters and dozens of weapons with many customization options are presented in the shooter, and players can take part as in dynamic command fights of the modes "Team fight", "Break", "Destruction", "Close contacts", "Battle of snipers", and in the large -scale royal battle of the regime "Giving".

Developers from the Wizard Games studio will continue to collect feedback from players and during the CBT period, during which even more new modes, cards, characters and models of weapons will be presented.