MetaPhor: Refantazio gamedector spoke about archetypes, magic and freedom of choice in a new video

Metaphor: Refantazio, the new fantasy role -playing game from the Persona 5 gamedector, is released in the fall of 2024. Following the recent trailer, a new video appeared "Creator’s Voice", in which Katsura Khasino talks about various aspects of the game. Look below it.

The plot of the game unfolds in a world where there is magic, but people should use "special equipment", To use it. However, the main characters classified as archetypes can turn into weapons. Some of them have heroic qualities that awaken only after interaction with other people.

"For example, it may seem to you that someone is behaving like a knight, and another person may look like a real warrior. When establishing such a connection, an archetype of a warrior is awakened, which is naughty in you from birth. So the system works", – Says Khasino.

The plot rotates around the kingdom, where the king and his heir were killed. The process of coronation of the new king begins, in which the player is involved and is trying to gain popularity among the people. You go on a trip around the world, and although the time is limited, the procedure for solving the main events depends on you.

Perhaps you will travel only a week or two weeks, or maybe you will have only a few days. If you present these elections as a journey, what we are facing in our time, then the participants of the competition will be faced with the need to go around the whole country in a certain time. To turn the people they meet into your supporters, you will have to fight in various battles. The idea is to follow the main storyline and enjoy how it makes you guess, what can happen next. But the time between the main events, the strategy and the order of action – all this remains at the discretion of the player. I think this puts you in a situation where you play and are not sure of the correct answer, but in a good way.

One example is the need to go through an important dungeon, and you can either hurry with its passage or perform other quests to first increase the level

One of the main attractions of this game is that it takes a good part of the Persona series, which has developed according to the calendar schedule, and adapts it so that it perfectly corresponds to the storyline of this work and the travel system that we create.