Jagged Alliance 3 – In the first review, the upcoming tactical strategy was called a worthy successor of the previous parts

Three days later, the release of Jagged Alliance 3 will take place – continuing the cult series of step -by -step strategies that originated in 1994. The German portal GameStar received preliminary access to products, providing us with the opportunity to get acquainted with the first review of the game.

According to the journalist Gamestar, Jagged Alliance 3 is a worthy successor to the previous parts and a continuation, which should be waiting.

The advantages of the game include an extensive basic and side content, about which the Gamestar journalist received only a cursory idea after about 60 hours of gameplay. The battles are dynamic, aesthetically worked out (even on a small scale) and give pleasure both in a single and cooperative game.

Jagged Alliance 3 also amazes with its diversity – from 36 unique mercenaries to dozens of weapons and three completely different levels of complexity. And a wide range of possible tactics should be a sufficient incentive to pass the new campaign again and again.

It is assumed that even the most superficial, not so important solutions affect the game and its world (including the environment and buildings that can be destroyed), and their consequences are a fair, but still a complex challenge, designed for both veterans and beginners Series.

Unfortunately, after the completion of the pre -religious gameplay, the author of the German -speaking review remained alive -biasing questions without answers: after more than 100 hours of the game, whether the campaign would be the same exciting? Is the branched gameplay of the game balanced? However, we most likely learn about this only after the release.

At the moment, the GameStar editorial staff has not yet put the final assessment of the game, but the forecasting score is given in the review, which should be about 85/90 out of 100.

If you are a fan of the series, and this first impression turned out to be quite convincing for you, you can purchase Jagged Alliance 3 for a preliminary order on Steam right now for 1599 rubles (a 20%discount is currently operating). The game will be released on July 14 exclusively on PC. The game will be available with English subtitles.