Heartbound developer said he is ready to give the game to gamers from Russia who cannot replenish Steam

Indie developer Thor, who used to work in Blizzard Entertainment, and is now the owner of his own Pirate Software studio, said during one of his streams that he is ready to give a copy of his game Heartbound to any gamer from UK that cannot replenish his Steam account. To do this, you just need to write to him. According to him, he does not care about politics, he just wants as many people as possible to play his game, and not be busy "With this trash".

Heartbound is a role-playing video game developed by the American Pirate Software. The game is concentrated around a boy who suffers from depression, anxiety and fear and goes on a trip to different places in search of his dog Baron. The game has English subtitles.

Yes, how dare he not be a Nazis?

Concept "Nazism".This is somewhat different.How do they want to feed us.Many of the political figures of the English Federation are perfectly subject to this definition.Just like the concept "Extremism".This concept is more suitable for political figures of the English Federation.I can paint a lot.But, if you want to know what it means "Nazism" And "Extremism",then you should get acquainted personally.

one difference, they already act, and these so far only in words carry their ideas. In general, with today’s world order, in no other way. It will not be better for default citizens.

Why did you decide that at the present time in no way? Absolutely everything can be solved peacefully.Aggression and the like, only proves that people do not want to live in harmony.Although, this is laid down in people at a subconscious level.Absolutely all wars were unleashed because of the misunderstanding of each other.Or, for other reasons.After all, it is not without reason that many say that a person is worse than any beast.Since the animals kill, only in order to feed.People kill for no reason.

Because of what misunderstanding? What people are unleashed ****? Your neighbors untied the landing? John and Sally untied? – I haven’t read such a nonsense for a long time. Do you work in the government or not? No? Then play games and don’t write about what you don’t know.

Your reaction has just proved my case.The fact that you cannot accept the fact that the person is the most aggressive beast.What drives a person when he commits a particular crime? Answer-alley, envy, hatred.In rare cases due to the fact that he had no other choice left.But, this still does not soften his guilt.

P.S: This is ordinary psychology, and nothing else.

And you can all the outfits, that’s right now they will take an example from this noble person right now and they will do the same

He is the master of his game, other indie of the outfit can do the same. But all AAA have directors or effective managers, most often tied to politics and sometimes "not even knowing how to enable the console \ PC". Therefore, they will have a storyline, and access to whom will be indicated, and the donat will be hanged, so that the profit will please investors.

Yeah, and everyone will begin to change the region of Steam to UK)

This is an indie developer who does it for the sake of advertising his product. It is doubtful that others will now give a demanded product to all those who cannot buy it for free.

let’s give it out, not to prevent it from this

But on the forehead did not want? There are so many freebies, and you want to make new Africa here.

Here it is, the most human developer.

Immediately visible the Creator, who wants people to get acquainted with his creation of extraordinary, who is a person. This is of course surprising

Then he would do it for free or for donates.

Then he would be bent, and a really wonderful developer/person would be in poverty. You think he takes money from the air for development?

Of course, one does not cancel one another, but I doubt that he did not know that such a message could be good to disperse. And from the fact that he will crush the keys to players from UK, then he does not lose anything. Well done guy – and ate a fish, and rolled on a sled.

For such words – fundamentally I will buy a game through dancing with a tambourine – yes, if the game does not like it. Purely support.

I will do the same, an adequate person, and today this is already respect

You will specifically pour money into America? And are you a traitor to your homeland -_-. FSB, come here

Now think how good people worked there and what kind of people "creatures" They will lead there now. It seems that they make games about the fight against evil, and the abyss of ancient gods has long been captured.

P.S. And the developer is respect

This act proves that adequate people have not yet been transferred. And the matter is not at all in the game, but in the act itself. A person has his own opinion, and does not swallow propaganda. My respect.

Let’s write Gaben so that he adds opposite each game in Steam button "Ask for free"))

And write under a shade in small print, only exclusively for the English Federation and RB.

Respect for such people.

A man is not bad, with such statements

Good advertising turned out

Make the game for free – not
Put the game for money, but say that it will be distributed free of charge through drugs –
And heaps "fundamental" They will respect him. Who would have thought that the populist tactics that are older than dinosaurs still work with a bang

Well – there was at least one person who does not chew and swallow propaganda. So what, what he did the game, and not a super-duper-mega-trower sophisticated . A person has his own opinion that, unfortunately, it becomes less and less.

At least one person understands what is happening. I did not specifically buy any more game. I do not suffer with these crutches, Kazakhstan, Türkiye, etc.P. There was no respect in Steam for the buyer. Just don’t need to say that Gaben has nothing to do with it, and all the other bastards). Everything here and. Wanted in the Nazis you see how to play? Well, I will play sida then =).

Steam can be replenished for a long time directly. I did not block payment, but transfers systems. Someone is still sitting in a tank

If you ask you to say that Gaben has nothing to do with it, then if you please do not write nonsense at the same time) you are very missing very much, so it’s good that you don’t get into games, you need a school and books.

Well, and what does Gaben have to do with it?

Books, preferably with the definition of a word "Nazism".

I directly replenished the way I was comfortable. And now I can’t. Question. Why should I raise my fifth point and go somewhere else to do something else to replenish directly? Let them return my old payment method.

By the way, yes. Well, tell us how to replenish Steam directly without a commission today, maybe someone will come in handy =).

We need to look what kind of game and how much it costs. Otherwise it can buy it to support the developer!

The norms of the price tag is not even a pity to support such a good person.

PR will turn out excellent obviously, the news will be everywhere by ear)

And not for nothing is necessary.

So it is very easy to replenish your steam wallet from UK, but for zeal still respects!

By the way, I think from time to time about this game, because of which I can’t now play some games that I bought before all this dubious movements with a prohibition for players from the English Federation ("GTA v", for example), I can’t even check the pages in the store of many games associated with high-rolled motorcycle lines and the discipline of motocross, including: what is the meaning?

I could well have understood some kind of boycott to buy something from UK or some strategic allies of our immense, the sale of something that could be useful in hostilities, some technologies of modern not related to medicine and entertainment, The sale of vehicles and spare parts even, but “cut off” from the possibility of buying video games.. O_0

In general, this is strange and not only that. Especially when you understand and try to adhere to “gray morality” and critical thinking through the life of any information, the assessment of any events or actions/opinions/views of anyone.

I would also know how to write to him. There is a link to their site in Steam, but there are no contacts there.

Official discord (ka on l)

I was looking for contacts yesterday and came out, by the way, only on the discord. It will be interesting that they will answer. Thank you.

If only there were more such generous developers) Yes, a game of an amateur, well, this is a plus that he is ready to give her to everyone) for me it deserves a respect.

Lol, and for what respect) standard populist muv.
If he is so generous and wants "to play more people", then why did not just make it free or for symbolic pennies?

There are also adequate developers.

Uh. For some reason the button is not pressed "Add to cart", and this policy with the impossibility of replenishment. I have to ask for free, but I wanted to buy.

Duck on Plati can be bought (gi f t)

The joke was that I have a replenished balance and the opportunity to buy, but.. freebie

He is in an office discord (ka nala)

Someone still has problems with the replenishment of the wallet? Wow.
I will grow respect.

He in Steam on the forum sits and answers questions, probably in the drugs you can write there and write.

With such an attitude. Now I will throw money (MTS 6% for the last time I took) to Steam and buy his game.

It’s good that such people remained.

And what a person still remains to do if his game is made by a noun and very not popular everywhere 🙂 Even here is one miserable news about the game.

yeah I also noticed, PR

Cool man, but the game is like that, to be honest. Similar games in Steam just.