Forza Motorsport career mode will require a constant Internet connection

Games that require constant Internet connection are very rarely successful in the wide masses, and the reverse reaction to recent examples, such as Redfall and Gran Turismo 7, served as a reminder of this. Nevertheless, this is a trend that is not going to leave in the near future, and another major upcoming game was confirmed as a game with a constant connection to the Internet.

Turn 10 Studios confirmed that the Forza Motorsport game is required to be continued to connect to the Internet. During the recent Stream Forza Monthly, creative director Chris Esaki said that although some aspects of the game will be available to players autonomous, for example, Free Play, in general, the game will require constant connection to the Internet. Everything related to progress in the game will be stored on the Turn 10 server – including a single campaign, called "Cup of designers".

"The game was developed in such a way that it can be easily adjusted and new content can be added over time, and this is done in order to ensure fair and safe experience anywhere in the game", – Esaki said. "Any progress in the game will be stored on our servers to maintain the integrity of the general gaming process. There is an opportunity to play in autonomous mode, so things like Free Play are always available. But any advance forward requires a network connection".

"Cup of designers" It is advertised as a developing and changing experience that will constantly provide players with new content, and new routes and cars will be added directly to the career mode – for the first time for the series. Drivatars will also be improved in the mode, who will track and reflect all the changes in the settings made by the players, whom they represent, which is another element of experience requiring constant connection.

Does Turn 10 STUDIOS plan to offer workarounds for this in updates after launch is still unknown, but at the moment the developer did not say that he has any plans for this.