Former Blizzard producer criticized Microsoft for issuing Starfield codes only by the media

After the British newspaper The Guardian reproached Bethesda that she did not send the introductory codes to Starfield, another British tabloid, Metro, also released an article with an expression of her discontent, which attracted wide attention.

Microsoft and Mark Kern, one of the creators of Diablo II and Starcraft, as well as the head of the classic World of Warcraft, criticized such behavior from Microsoft. According to Kern, such reviews are misleading regarding the quality of the game itself. As Kern noted, Starfield ratings on Metacritic are false, and media reviews are useless.

Microsoft and Bethesda provide codes for reviews only to those authors and publications that are beneficial to them. That is how AAA is trying to deceive the system. Providing copies only to those publications that are favorable to you, only these authors/publications make a profit.

Only those reviews that were first published can attract a large number of readers and thereby get an advertising income. If the article is published late for one day, then the income will be reduced by 10 times, or even completely comes to naught, since time is all.

Accordingly, getting an early access to the game becomes a huge incentive, and therefore, with the extraction of the maximum benefit from it. This creates another problem: if you publish a negative feedback, then you can simply be cut off. Because of this, a lot of objective reviews are silent. Everyone is afraid that they will be denied access to the next big game. Reviews for games cease to be truthful, and as a result their assessments are overstated.

It was such a shameful marketing reception that Microsoft Corporation used on the example of Starfield. Therefore, I would recommend not to trust any review or video from the creators, but to contact the community and listen to the votes of the players in order to make an idea of ​​the quality of the game.

Starfield reviews will be useless, and Metacritic’s rating is fake.

At the moment, the console version of Starfield has an average rating on Metacritic, and the rating from players – 6.1.