For Paladins, an update was released in honor of the fifth anniversary of the game

Despite the reduction of the budget and the team of developers, closing the game on Switch, and in general it is not the best times for the Hero Shooter genre, the fifth (seventh, if you count open beta) update in honor of the anniversary of the game took place in Paladins. Its main innovation has become "Siege: Remix", being nothing more than the oldest version of the game mode from a closed beta. And although it does not have old ramers, gates and storage facilities with gold, the size and scale is the same as in the modern Paladins yet.

This is what the official description of the game mode reads:

Return to the past by choosing a new version of the “siege” with huge cards and a classic plot turning!

The rules remain the same, but with one important exception: At the beginning of each round will be randomly selected 1 out of 3 accessible points of capture, And as a result, new cargo routes will appear. You need to coordinate your actions with teammates and choose a strategy for capturing each point. Since the cards are huge, Renaissance for the attacking team is 5 seconds, and each player gets the opportunity to re -sit on the horse.

In this exciting mode, 3 classic cards from closed beta testing will be available: “Enchanted Forest” (this map eventually turned into “Fish market” and “sawmill”), “the ruins of the temple” (this map eventually turned into a “snake beach ”,“ Jaguar Waterfall ”and“ Island of Frogs ”) and“ Ice Fortress ”(this map eventually turned into“ Ice Minks ”and“ Ice Chapel ”). The third capture point eventually turned into a separate card with the same name, but later it was removed from beta version.

If you play Paladins from the very beginning, then these cards will seem incredibly familiar to you. We are glad that we were able to introduce them in a new light!

In addition "Siege: Remix", The update will bring the anniversary recon of the characters (to Androxus, Mave, Seris, the Old Victor and Yin), changes and editing of the balance, free combat missing, passing which you can get a limited look to choose, reduce the cost of old champions and replenish the list of free characters – it will be in it – it will be in it Added mave.

You can read more about changes in the anniversary update on the official website here.