Florida Joker nominated the ultimatum Rockstar Games and now wants to get $ 3 million

Lawrence Sullivan, nicknamed "Florida Joker", In fact, Rockstar Games put forward a three -day ultimatum, demanding from the company to pay him a reward, which now reaches 3 million dollars, for the alleged use of his appearance in the first trailer GTA 6.

For the uninitiated, in the first GTA 6 trailer, NPC is shown with tattoos on the face, which fans easily connected with Lawrence Sullivan, a man, twice arrested for illegal storage of weapons and famous thanks to the media that dubbed him "Florida Joker" For a similarity with a jocker. A few days after the trailer was released, Sullivan publicly demanded compensation from Rockstar Games in the amount of $ 2 million for using his image in the game without consent.

Now Sullivan is again in the case, raising his requirements by another 1 million dollars and putting Rockstar Games with a three -day ultimatum, after which he will resort to the help of his lawyers. To make his warning even more serious, Sullivan added that his case does not look like Lindsay Lohan, an actress who sued Rockstar Games for a similar reason, and that his side has specific evidence.

"GTA, I give you the biggest free marketing in the history of this game. For this I want to get an additional million dollars", – So began Sullivan in a video published on Tiktok.

You guys do not always answer me. You see it? Find another person in Florida who inspired this character. I will wait, I will wait. Gta, we need to talk, you think I’m joking? You have three days, three days before my lawyers go crazy in this matter. It’s not like Lindsay Lohan. I have specific evidence.

It is interesting to note that Sullivan also repainted her hair in purple (they were green before), most likely, so that the similarity between him and the character from the GTA 6 trailer is even more striking. In any case, it is unlikely that Rockstar Games will give in to the requirements. Perhaps the Florida Joker should listen to the advice of the performer of the role of Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2 – enjoy the glory while it lasts.