DSOG: NVIDIA RTX 4090 cannot provide stable 60 FPS in Remnant 2 at 4K and Ultra Settings

Although the official release of the game will take place on July 25, the owners of Ultimate Edition can already play it. But things are not the best: Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 is not able to start Remnant 2 with a frequency of 60 frames per second in 4K/Ultra Settings mode.

To shoot the gameplay, the DSOG portal editors used AMD Ryzen 9 7950x3D, 32 GB of DDR5 with a frequency of 6000 MHz and NVIDIA Founders Edition RTX 4090. Windows 10 64-bit and the GeForce 536 driver were also used.67.

Remnant 2 works on the Unreal Engine 5 engine, that is, this is one of the first games on the latest EPIC engine. In addition, the game supports DLSS 2/3, as well as XESS and FSR 2.0. Previously, NVIDIA claimed that the game would only support DLSS 2, so the inclusion of DLSS 3 Frame Generation was a pleasant surprise.

For the first tests in 4K resolution, a starting area and a safe Ward 13 zone were used. There are many NPCs in the second zone, therefore, in theory, it should provide reliable results for the rest of the game.

As you can see, Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 cannot start Remnant 2 from 60fps in the native 4K and on the ultra settings. The game does not even use any effects of ray trace, so the portal editorial office has not yet been able to understand what is the matter.

With 4K/Ultra RTX 4090 native settings, it shows an average of 40 frames per second. By turning on DLSS 2, we can get permanent 60 frames/s in 4K/ultra. And by turning on the DLSS 3 Frame Generation function, we get an additional performance increase of 45-50%.

To the honor of the game, it can be beautiful. Gunfire uses a large number of high -quality textures, there are several amazing global lighting effects. However, the main characters are not close to what modern level games can achieve "AAA". And although the game looks much better than his predecessor, this does not justify her ridiculously high demands for the graphic processor.

In addition, the game suffers from strange visual artifacts. In the video shot by us (when moving the camera), artifacts on blades are clearly visible. Typically, such artifacts arise when using scaling technology. However, even without using scaling, the game still has these visual glitches/bugs.

In general, the editorial office of the portal does not recommend rushing with the purchase of a PC version.

With the output of 20, the line was promoted by a funeral Apskail, with the release of 40 they began to plow a sour fake framework, wonderful technologies.

I think NVIDIA has no other options. Recall the news where the cards overheated, but the top itself never came out. Power can and is where to get, and with cooling so far the trouble is. At the same time, new cards need to be released, because the money goes to development and maintenance every day, and income should always come. From here all Fuflo comes out in the interval)

There are no problems with cooling, even the simplest versions of the cards do not overheat. Problem had a half percent of users with a new power connector, but this has nothing to do with cooling.

And the top itself is never released, this is a stock for a top profile accelerator, they can bite away a little more and release 4090, but there is not enough reserve

The technology is really wonderful. For 4K indispensable, t.To. The incisions are too crookedly. It’s not for nothing that AMD copies all these technologies for itself

Forget the gathering of fanatics here, believing in the conspiracy of the masses, the transpasses of 60Hz of the standard and above the FPS is not visible to the human eye, more simply 90% of the subpirals

Opa, unbelievers who read and believe only that all sorts of people write nothing to the games or those who have never seen with their own eyes, 5.10, 15, 25, 30, 45, 60, 90, 144, 160 , 240 and 300 FPS, as well as who do not distinguish between the Herza. That’s your trouble, you probably will imagine 14 fps like 30.

Well, where is the little indie of the studio to cope with such a powerful engine)

What does the engine have to do with it. Just Nvidia paid dough so that the game on cards without Frame Generation was non -grade, it is necessary to sell 4,000 a line of feces. That’s all.

Dada, it is very profitable to pay the developers that they are crooked by the players look at this trend and generally stop updating the cards just by going to the console market. Enough already to carry this nonsense

They do this so that the game works at least at least somehow on new maps to sell them. It’s obvious like a day. In principle, belnant 2 without a card 4000 series or 7900 ht can not be launched.

What nonsense do you carry. Do not justify the crooked hands of the developers with your conspiracy theories.

Where did you be when the whole Pege reproached amd for bad (actually still normal) optimization in star wars 😂.

Well, these are not double standards, it’s just different 😭

4090 office plug.

So sho, take px7900chtx?

no, better than 9090 Super Puper RTX Ti

Yes, then immediately buy a console and not steam, PC is always a race for new iron

yes xs, if you take a top for five years like a console you don’t blow.

Something is frightened by this current trend to release an unoptime feces of the game of the game, and then finish it with patches over time. But you can’t do everything right away? As it was with Atomic Heart (despite the fact that we have gaming studios, I have expected two times, unlike Europe and America)

Then I would have to spend money on testers, and when the inconsistent sniffed that the beta and even the alpha version could be thrown into release, they realized that it was a freebie and a free folk beta test.

With Atomic Heart, the situation is a long time: in this game there are no attributes of relevant games, literally outdated technologies are used that debut in Crysis in 2007.

The game has no trace of reflections, trace of shadows, trace global lighting, and tracing of shading. There are classic cascading shadows that are not even eroded with a height as a ten -year (or even ancient) PCSS technology – this lighting underlies shadows in open spaces. And there are baked maps of shadows and light – they are used in dungeons as one of the oldest technologies for creating lighting in games.

It is worth noting that in KAT scenes, for some reason, physically correct soft shadows are still present, and even from artificial light sources (not from the sun/moon). But, as soon as the gameplay begins/continues, it disappears. And no one even noticed this.

From a graphic point of view, looking back at the promised DXR support (trace), Atomic Heart is wildly cut. And for this reason, it seems to everyone that the game works well, but do not deceive yourself. If this game is output with DXR support, its technical condition would be evaluated from "Paint" before "annoyingly bad", After all, this is precisely the reality to which the game industry came. Each large output game works very poorly, although it can look impressive (and then not always).

This only confirms the statements that since ~ 2015 the graphics does not change much, well, it is more precisely, it is changing, but finding noticeable differences is harder, especially in dynamic games, where you are at war with someone)
It was between 95-00-05-10-15 there were noticeable differences, now it is already less and less noticeable every year, but iron, which is required very noticeably.

There is no trace in this game either, but the performance is still at the bottom

I will add. Everything is easier. Atomic was made under PS4. The beltnant has no PS4 in the list of platforms.

In short, now you can safely wait for a conditional 7090 for this UNELAL ENINS 5. And the budget vidyuhs for this engine will probably be delivered along with the announcement of UE6))

UE5 is normally optimized. Fortnight under it looks and works better than on UE4, especially in terms of freezes.

The entire optimizon of the window on UE5 ends with the inclusion of nanita and lumen, that is, on the main differences of UE4 from UE5. At 4090, subsidies of up to 45 FPS with wild fries and artifacts of lighting are obtained, and without these technologies, graphone and optimizon do not differ from the window on UE4)

By that time, some next drisle will be released, which will still be still beyond the power of 7090 in 4K.

The experience of previous generations has already proved this.

To do this, there is a patch-tracing in a kyber to see how the games of the future video card will have the games.

Yes, but the trace of the path there is inferior.

And in the game there are enough places (if you look well) where the lighting from several light sources simply breaks.

Why should the game go to 4K? This is not a standard. Games from 4k only 3% in Steam.
I’m almost sure that it’s easier to find a person with VR than a person with 4K.

Of course, that the outfits do not even look in this direction, including UE5 development.
96PPI is now the standard, so the games are focused primarily on the most popular monitors – FHD 23-24" and QHD 27".
At such permissions, clearness is sufficient (excluding imperfect smoothing and filtering) – so they burst productivity into more advanced lighting using ILP in CPU to uniformly distribute the loads between the CPU and GPU on medium and top PCs.

But with this approach, a bottleneck appears at the speed of PCI and CPU, due to which an increase in resolution critically affects performance.

Games capable of going to 4K almost as well as in FHD – they write on completely different renders and with completely different technologies. For example, Forza Horizon 5 with their Forward+, thanks to which you can reduce the amount of Rendertarget and significantly reduce the load on PCI and video memory.
But the price of this is a bunch of restrictions in terms of post -processing shaders and the number of light sources, methods of smoothing. Although the latter, just due to the ease of the render for large resolutions, is easily solved through DSR/ DLDSR.

And when Nvidia gave DLSS to these unfortunate game so that it could be launched in 4K games that are not intended for such permission – they decided that they are deceived by fake graphics and considered the theme of Apskayla and Framegen – blasphemy and deceit from evil marketer.
But for both cheeks, they rush the Khryuchevo marketer that 4K MASTHEV for games, while it is completely replaced by the same DSR/DLDSR, T.To. 99% of the effect of 4K is stupidly that it increases the sample for smoothing edges and filtering textures.
By God, clowns.