Diablo 4 developers published an official review of 3 seasons – “Constructure season”

A volume article appeared on the official website of the game, in which the developers spoke in detail about the Novinoks of the upcoming season of the Construct Season, which will begin this month – January 23.

Take a look at the enemies from the depths in the designer season

Ancient forces have awakened and now threaten the sanctuary. You will enlist the support of a satellite-tolerate to overcome countless traps and defeat mighty constructs in the bowels under the deserts of the Kedzhistan.

Deep under the thickness of bulk sand, the elements gain strength, obeying the will of the evil demon of Malfas. To stop this curse in the root, you will have to go down to the heart of sandy depths.

The construction season will begin January 23 at 21:00 Moscow time. You will have to reveal the secrets of the Cull Cull Zoltun, passing a new type of dungeon-“storage”, as well as to enlist the support of a seasonal mechanical satellite-seneshal and compete for places in the weekly rating tables of the “series of tests”. In addition, the frequent events of the Hell Natisk category and other improvements to the quality of the gameplay will help you to conquer the storage facilities.

Open the legacy of Cull Cull in a new chain of tasks

A new threat hid under the thickness of the Kedzhistan: the forces of evil captured the ancient machine, developed by Zoltun Kull and Ayuzhan from Kaldeus. The insidious demon Malfas uses the machine for its ominous purposes. The former ally of Zoltun Ayuzhan is ready to lead you through dangerous storage facilities to stop the formidable Malfas and his constructions army and prevent them from capturing the sanctuary.

Go to the gate hall, the central point near Kedzhistan, in which you can prepare for skirmishes with constructs. From the gate hall you can get into storage facilities – dangerous dungeons full of traps of elements and constructs. Explore them to take possession of the true power of the machine. Get to this mysterious device to get rid of the very source of the threat and defeat Malfas in a new battle with the boss.

To start a chain of tasks of the design season, you need to create a new character in the seasonal game world and go through the main campaign. If you want to try out new content as soon as possible, you can skip the campaign after passing the prologue.

Fight with a satellite-Seneshal

Get the strength of the machine by remembering a satellite-aishala, which becomes available during the seasonal chain of tasks. The Seneishal developed by Zoltun Kull is called to help you in traveling, directly participating in battle or supporting you.

Magic stones of control and debugging during the season of the construct in storage and in the spaces of the sanctuary to strengthen Seneishal in accordance with the desired development option. Control stones determine what attacks your seneshal can make, and debugging stones complement these attacks, and also give various useful effects. You can equip Seneshal with 2 control stones and 6 debugging stones. Each control of the control will give him a new skill, and 3 debugging stones will complement each of them. In total, 12 control stones are hidden in storage facilities and 27 debugging stones of different levels of rarity. Combine them to reveal the true potential of a construct-substantial.

Debugging and control stones can be obtained in several ways. You can receive one random stone of debugging, passing storage, as well as find additional debugging stones in sealed chests. These stones are also among the seasonal campaign awards. In addition, both types of stones can be slightly likely to get for victory over opponents in storage facilities and in sorceress vibrations. Destroying constructs in storage facilities, you will receive split stones that are used to make stones of control and debugging at the jewelers of the sanctuaries.

To completely reveal the potential of stones, you need to increase their level. Find and create copies of the stones you have, and then increase the level of stones used with their help. With an increase in the level of stones, the corresponding skills are intensified. For example, increasing the level of debugging stones can increase the number of shells of enhanced skill or supplement it with a new type of damage.

When you receive your Seneishal, he will accompany you to any corners of the sanctuary until the season is completed.

The following is a complete list of stones of control and debugging, available for a satellite-seneshal.

  • Self-defense: The constituency is surrounded by a protective field that knocks enemy shells. Does not knock out the shells of bosses and players.
  • Ambush: rapidly attacks targets, causing damage to each of them. Can hit one target several times.
  • Svetlyak: places a small construct that lands on the target and explodes 3 times, causing damage.
  • Concentrated fire: the constituent constituency directs a fiery ray to the target that causes each of them periodic damage.
  • Circle: constituent constituency is spinning quickly, rotating the limbs and causing the closest opponents damage.
  • Piercing: attacks all opponents on the line in front of the constant-seneshal, causing damage.
  • Lightning category: produces a discharge at the target that inflicts damage from lightning and affects other goals, inflicting part of the original damage to them.
  • Protection: The constituent-to-the-Seneshal covers the player with a barrier with a strength equal to the maximum reserve of the player’s health.
  • Restoration: The constituent is a synesal directs a healing beam to the player, which gradually restores part of the maximum health supply.
  • Shaking blow: crushes opponents in front of the constant-seneshal, inflicting damage to them.
  • Storm: charges the target with electricity, after which it inflicts damage to itself and other purposes once a second for some time. If the goal dies, the “storm” goes to another enemy. At the same time, its action is extended, and the damage increases. These increase also work when the “storm” re -impresses the same goal.

The effects of debugging stones

  • “Support: coverage”: the scope of the associated skill increases.
  • “Support: swiftness”: the speed of attack of a related skill increases.
  • “Support: split”: damage from connected skills instantly destroys active enemy barriers, and also with some probability makes opponents vulnerable for 2 seconds.
  • “Support: Tactics”: accelerates the restoration of related skill.
  • “Support: Efficiency”: causing damage, related skill notes the goals. When you attack these goals, your probability of critical damage increases.
  • “Support: devastation”: related skill inflicted more critical damage.
  • “Support: Protection”: Related skill reduces the damage you receive.
  • “Support: Frost”: Related skill also inflicts periodic damage from the cold and makes the goal is to roam.
  • “Support: arson”: related skill also causes periodic damage from combustion. Last mining opponents receive more critical damage from the constituent.
  • “Support: Electrock”: Related skill also causes periodic damage from lightning and with some probability stunes the enemy.
  • “Support: Bleeding”: Related skill also causes periodic damage from bleeding. During movement, enemies receive more damage from bleeding from all sources.
  • “Support: Poison”: Related skill also causes periodic damage from poison. Every second with some probability, all accumulated poison extends to another enemy.
  • “Support: Darkness”: Related skill also causes periodic damage from dark magic. Attacks of affected opponents are interrupted with some probability. Does not interrupt the attacks of the bosses.
  • “Support: Duration”: the time of action of related skills is extended.
  • “Support: Strengthening”: When a constituency uses a related skill, you get strengthening. Skills with low attack speed or possessing recovery time give more strengthening.
  • “Support: Resources”: When the related skill is damaged for the first time, the player receives the main resource.
  • “Support: Initiative”: Related skill teleports the constituency to the goal if it is out of reach. Between the operation of the effect there is a minimum interval.
  • “Support: Oak categories”: Related skills can hit additional opponents.
  • “Support: Slovlet”: Related skills of the “shell” category release additional shells.
  • “Support: Piercing Warfare”: A related skill of the “shell” category pierces several opponents.
  • “Support: Capture”: When a related skill inflicted damage to the goals or amazes their effect, it attracts them to a constructor. For each of the opponents there is a minimum interval between the operation of the effect.
  • “Support: Preservation of damage”: Damage caused by related skill is preserved. After death, the target explodes and causes damage from fire equal to the part of preserved damage.
  • “Support: Search”: The related skill of the “shell” category automatically haunts enemies over a limited time.
  • “Support: Slow down”: Damage to the connected skills for a certain time reduces the speed of enemy movement. The closer the enemy to the construo-Seneshal, the stronger the slowdown. The effectiveness of slowdown is limited.
  • “Support: Mockery”: Related skill provokes affected opponents for a while. For each of the opponents there is a minimum interval between the operation of the effect. Does not act on the bosses.

Scientists have repeatedly whispered about the famous debugging stones, the strength of which significantly exceeds the possibilities of simple mortals. But the existence of these stones remains a veil of secrets and has never been confirmed by high -ranking magicians. Below are a few known information:

  • Eternal night: .
  • Genesis: .

Test yourself in new dungeons – storages

While Ayuzhan was asleep, Malfas was gaining strength, using the colossal capabilities of the machine and desecrating an extensive network of abandoned storages. Now the guns and dangerous traps, originally designed to combat demons, protect the forces of evil, which were designed to exterminate.

Storage facilities are special dungeons with traps of elements developed by Zoltun Kull and Ayuzhan. In addition to traps in storage, constructs live – a completely new type of monsters. Reinforced by different elements, these opponents are waiting for negligent wanderers, preparing to grab them with their mechanical claws.

By converting the required number of pearls-universes and entering the storage, you can get a talisman of Zoltun, a special summarizing blessing, which opens access to the wealth of storage facilities. The effects of the talisman of Zoltun run out one at a time when you become a victim of deadly traps in the storage.

If you manage to preserve the talisman of the Zoltun after winning the boss of the storage, you will get access to a sealed chest, from which you can more likely extract legendary items. Pearls-workers increase the risk, but give additional effects of the talisman of Zontun, if they exchange them at the entrance to the storage. If you successfully pass the storage, you will receive a more valuable award.

At the 3rd level of the world, nightmare storage faces. The seal of the nightmare for storage can be obtained from the same sources as the usual seals of the nightmare, as well as create with the help of pearls. Nightmare storages are similar to nightmare dungeons, only in them skilled wanderers need to overcome deadly traps and repulse the constructs to get to sealed chests.

Stop the spread of sorceress vibrations

Malfas is going to bring down the army of deadly constructs on the St. Destroy deadly traps, and also destroy ordinary and special constructs to receive split stones. For the victory over special constructs, you will receive pearls, which open more valuable awards when repetition of storage facilities. Eliminate sorceress vibrations, destroying the construct-pierced, and achieve a short rest for the inhabitants of the deserts.

Soon: rating tables and “a series of tests”

At the height of the season, a new test awaits the design of players. Soon you will be able to compete for places in the ranking of “a series of tests”, a special dungeon that changes every week. Only the strongest will be able to take a place in weekly tables, and the owners of the best results will have eternal glory in the hall of the ancients. Details about the “series of tests” will be published later in a separate article.

Improving the gameplay in the design season

Permanent hellish onslaught

Starting from the season of the construct, the hellish onslaught will act constantly, not counting 5-minute breaks once per hour. Fight the creatures of the underworld more often to receive more ash and exchange it for valuable awards.

Improved movement using kes w, a, s, d

PC players can now move through the spaces of the sanctuary not only with the help of the mouse, but also using the keys W, A, S, D on the keyboard. We hope that new management opportunities will help players with great comfort to explore the dungeons and peace on the surface.

Additional cache tab

Another tab will be available to all wanderers, which can be purchased in a cache in any of the capitals.

Other improvements

We also improved the process of redistributing skills of skills, improved the gold exchange interface, increased the likelihood of obtaining objects to call the monster in ice and added other improvements to the gameplay.

New awards of seasonal campaign and military pass

Destroying the deadly creations of the machine, you will receive awards of a seasonal campaign and military pass.

The seasonal campaign consists of chapters, including different tasks. Passing the chapters, you will receive awards worthy of the defenders of the sanctuary – for example, new legendary aspects, awakened indestructible armor (open at high levels) and 3 scrolls of amnesia, allowing you to lose the glasses of skills and improvement panels for free. The campaign allows you to earn approval – the resource necessary to increase the level of combat passage. It is also accrued during the game.

The combat pass of the season of the construct will begin to operate at 21:00 Moscow time January 23. It includes 90 levels of awards: 28 levels on a free tape and level 62 on a premium tape.

With a premium combat pass, you will receive not only awards of a free tape, but also awakened sets of armor, platinum and much more! For example, at the 90th level, an awakened horse armor (armor for transport) and an awakened clockwork horse (transport) opens up at the 90th level.

And if you decide to feel like a thirst for destruction and acquire an accelerated seasonal military pass, then immediately get 20 levels of awards and emotion “machine in business”.

A smoldering ash from a free tape of awards can be spent on the blessings of the season that give useful bonuses and help to stand against the army of demons. Three new blessings will appear in the design season:

  • Urn of endless grace: prolongs the effect of the effects of the sanctuaries.
  • Debugid Urna: gives a chance to get an additional debugging stone from sealed chests.
  • Urna whisper: increases the likelihood of getting a great collection for the implementation of secret assignments.

Bonuses from five blessings of the season act only until the end of the season of the construct.

Clothing from legends in the tedel shop

Invisible heat begins in the store! New sets of equipment, armor, accessories, transport and armor for transport will allow you to destroy monsters stylishly. From January 23, you should more often visit Tedagl and view its goods. The assortment will be updated throughout the design season. One of the rarest finds is a set of decorative objects for Barbara “Vladyka-Proverber”, which includes a set of armor “Vladyka-Proverber”, 2 decorative types of weapons and coloring “Legend of the Proverber”.

All fresh news about Diablo IV

At 20:00 Moscow time, on January 18, a broadcast with developers will take place, dedicated to the detailed review of the season of the construct. The Director of Work with the Community Adam Fletcher and developers of the game will talk about a satellite-seneshal, storage, chain of tasks of the new season and other innovations.

Watch the broadcast with Diablo IV developers on January 18 on our channel on Twitch or YouTube.

Stop demonic mechanisms that threaten the sanctuary in the season of the construct!