Deductive adventure game Lil ‘Guardsman received a demo and a new trailer

Independent Hilltop Studios Game Studio in collaboration with Versus Evil introduced a new trailer for its upcoming deductive adventure game Lil ‘Guardsman in anticipation of its exit on the consoles and PC this year.

In Lil ‘Guardsman, players have to play the role of a young girl who has to cover his father, the main guard of the castle. As she interrogates a lot of funny and strange characters trying to penetrate the city walls, you must reveal the true intentions of each visitor with the help of cunning dialogues and the clever use of its set of tools for investigation.

Lil ‘Guardsman is a narrative deductive game inspired by the classic Point-And-Click genre and Papers, Please mechanics. With the humorous atmosphere of the Monkey Island and other classic adventure games Lucasarts of the 90s, Lil should make complex decisions, deciding who to let in their castle. The consequences can be serious, so you will have to deftly use your abilities to reveal mass conspiracies and protect your castle and family from insidious invaders.

Our hero Lil is an ordinary child living his life in The Sprawl, whose father is the main guard of the castle. One morning he asks Lil if she can take his work for a day so that he can go to the pub and make bets on sports, and after one lesson you will sit at his table and interrogate the fantasy races that want to get into the city. Not everyone is allowed through the gate, and you will have to use all your ingenuity and instruments of the guard to prevent any rabble into the city.

The only way to find out who is happy in The Sprawl is to look in "Letter" and follow the rules that it contains. In the demonstration version (in which you have to work out one shift in the guard’s booth), you must follow everyone who is preparing to speak with a speech in the guild of magicians, people with ridiculous names and grandmothers-contracting drugs.