Announced by hand -drawn fantasy role -playing game Abyss Fantasia

The independent publishing house Gamera Games has announced the release of Abyss Fantasia in 2024, drawn by an adventure role -playing play in the fantasy genre developed by DLU Studio. The game will be available on Steam. The players will have the opportunity to take on the role of Yugari, a “inferior” young girl going on her first adventure journey.

Inspired by such works as “made in the abyss” and “ruin: a destroyed city”, players will have to explore a huge hole in the central continent, known as “Abyss”. The abyss is a mysterious and dark place that affects everyone who enters it. Those who have weak will can lose their minds and turn into monsters. Despite all the risks, the precious treasures of the abyss continue to attract many adventurers who go to its depths.

Yugari will face various strange characters and events in the abyss. Players will use a wide range of objects to solve puzzles, make a choice that will affect the fate of other characters and affect the unfolding story.

Faced with dangerous and bizarre creatures of the abyss, players will participate in battles using a variety of cards and unusual items. The same cards can have different effects in different situations, so the flexible use of cards and a rich imagination are the key to victory.

In order not to lose his mind, players must return to the border city of Cynthia behind supplies. Here Yugari can prepare for the next study of the abyss, while communicating with the culture and people of the city. Gather provisions, create a new equipment and choose your own unique “relics” that will help in your research.

The game presents the scenes carefully drawn by hand. Plunging into the abyss, you will encounter strange and formidable monsters. Attract them with cards and relics, opening unexpected effects from different combinations. The same card can take different forms under different circumstances; Use them wisely and reveal your creative potential to win in battle.