According to achievement statistics, 40 % of Xbox players did not reach England in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

A recent study of Xbox achievements for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla draws an interesting picture of players. The data indicate a significant decrease in progress at the very beginning of the game: more than 40 % of Xbox players around the world have not left the starting region of the game – Norway. To get to England, it takes only four hours of game.

The key indicator is the achievement "In England!", Opened after departure to the main setting of the game. True Achievements is based on the fact that 100 % of the tracked players completed the prologue. However, the numbers to obtain the next achievement show that many throw the game after the initial segment in Norway.

Ultimately, this statistics allows us to understand how fans perceive ubisoft. This is valuable information for the marketing team and even for the developer team. If you use this statistics, then achievements can tell you where you lose your main base of the players and what classes, which you considered fascinating, do not do.

The key indicator is the achievement "In England!", Opened after departure to the main setting of the game. True Achievements is based on the fact that 100 % of the tracked players completed the prologue. However, the numbers to obtain the next achievement show that many throw the game after the initial segment in Norway.

I didn’t even master the achievement download repack.

Great game, no need to listen to haters and not be a herd

It is especially funny about the excellent game, after the dull Orijin where the funeral is all that is possible this go*Non -Konweire just died for me.

Orijin was not very good, and Valgalu was not a trozh, the game is really good

He went through the game 100%, very pleased, as well as Odyssey

I went through the Odyssey by 98% if you judge by the counter in the menu, and Valgalla said goodbye how traveling to other worlds began. I thought that there were enough of these endless senseless fillers

Traveling to other worlds The most interesting content in Valhalla. You should have missed it in vain!

How did you survive after that?

Even the series about the Vikings is more interesting than this slag and the game that is happening there)

It is a pity that the game turned out to be a hat. At first it was quite interesting to play, I love the Vikings and Scandinavia, a pretty good fight, there are even quest norms, but the uniformity of content and a bunch of tolerasty simply strangled

I somehow did not immediately throw hopes at her, because you can understand the game by two words "Assassins, Vikings"

About 40% of players did not receive a single Achivka related to the first act of Baldur’s Gate 3 in Steam. Looks also not very exciting.

Another schoolboy is not happy with the game of the year

About 40% is less than 10?

About 40 is about 40. First figure out what kind of achiva belong to the first act, and which.

The first act includes the following Achivka:

– I will now become twice more happier!

– On command "Shovel" Children plug ears

– The larger the closet, the louder it falls

– Teach you better than your spiders

– And the final clouds are thickened

Now, for the sake of interest, analyze other popular games. Maybe then the realization will come that such statistics are the norm.

If you figure it out, then according to other statistics, this is a norm even for gaming games 🤣. I do not advise watching the achievements of the Witcher 3, otherwise according to your statistics, this is one of the worst games in principle

Well xs, the game is definitely not so boring as to abandon it at the very beginning. Further yes, the game is too long and there is too much there, so by the middle of the game it is already bored. Especially the main plot is too grown.

But here to England – it is quite normal and there is not so long you need to go through. Pretty quickly I would say, since it is essentially a prologue.

As for me, people who did not know anything about the game did not come to England and I would not like Viking.

Then the question – why buy?

Apparently someone thought that the game would be about the assassins in the game where the name Assassin’s Creed

But the name does not say that the game should be about assassins. The name directly says that the game is about "credo Assassinov". These are different things. Judging by the name, the presence of the Assassins is not necessary in the game, but the presence of the credo of the killers must. Game about credo, not about assassins, if you proceed strictly from the name.

When I bought even the first part in the distant 2007, I first of all expected from the game of revealing the topic "credo". Well, the presence of the Assassins themselves for me was an extremely optional bonus from which it was neither cold nor hot. Generally care, there are assassins there or not.

In 2007, I only knew Mr. Credo, and the game, first of all, was associated with the Assassins. And in general, I taught German at school, FIG knows what kind of Creed was there, but I didn’t have to explain such Assassins.

Seriously? And the fact that the series of assassins has long been not the same, no one was embarrassed?

The fact that several games in such a genre that is very different from the original came out to Valgala – no one bothers anyone?

Valgala came out exactly the way the Assassin of the last years came out

Mirage, after all, they somehow opened

It can be seen not everyone liked the ship of Coca Sakerson

What are 4 hours? 10 hours I played in Norway before sailing to England. What is the point of running headlong through the plot?

In fact, the game is interesting (much better than Odyssey). If the topic of the Vikings is not impressive, then of course the game will be abandoned immediately.

The world is really alive, a bunch of all sorts of secrets, caves, interesting ruins, etc.D.

And play on a console such a pleasure. On the bakery, this game is much better in terms of enthusiasm.

Now, by the way, I play it, already 98 hours have been played. All other regions were 100% passed, England has been passed by 60-65%. Some DLC with Odin passed, Ronnarek has not yet begun, Level is still not enough at 300 only.

Dreams about Odin is not DLS, these are gaming locations like a piece in North America. DLS is Northern Ireland and DLS in France + DLS about Ragnarek. There are 3 of them.

How the one who went through the game is 100%, I can say that it is good. And when compared with the last Mirage, then generally a masterpiece. Therefore, it would be better to continue to make this format of the game, and did not return to the old origins

What origins, there are only the name from the origins, the plot is so that I want to ask that the scriptwriters smoke, and if you do not take the plot of the same assassin as the past, there is no difference.

Well, in fairness.

In fact, a long and stuffy prologue is a problem of a huge number of games. In Valgalla Scandinavia is extremely dull: it is empty, ugly, there is nothing to do at all, except to drag on some points of interest (which are not at all interesting). I almost abandoned the game at this stage. But England is gorgeous! She is diverse, beautiful, you can explore, you can wave or just run around the plot. Here no one is dragging a player in the style "Close 100500 activities to move in the plot".

And I am very glad that in Valgalla they finally remembered that the series has an ENT, and not stupidly waving a knife in different directions. Although the battleship in the game is currently the best in the series, some finishing off by different weapons – directly beauty (IMHO)

I am in the north, when I saw on guard the gate in some kind of camp of the big black, and near the small terrible woman of the warrior, I had enough, thanks, too much realism for me.

It’s like if you don’t get to Sil Sylved in Cyberpan.

The game itself is only from England and begins.

Here: the prologue is essentially "training" Level for acquaintance with the game.

I am one of the few apparently shuffled even Melnir)

Collected everything in the game

KNSh, a fierce bottom game, I don’t want to play after training.

And where did you see the training?

Conditional, at the beginning and until the first pokatushki in Drakkar.

No, just when the game is terrible, why justify it?)

What is she terrible?)

A long game . I also abandoned her.

I played in Valgalu for 2 years, mainly on vacation, then I cut the cheats for teleportation and passed . and with such joy removed .

Well, why did the cheats download, after that interest in the game will disappear (this is obvious).

This is for a checkmark, if you can’t forget and throw it a pity, and I set a check box and the norms, I also sometimes do it when it is already boring.

Ready to collect minuses from porridge, fans of UBASOFT

What the game liked: the beautiful world, as in all the games of the UBASOFT, a good customization of the heroes, the graphon is not a top, but really beautiful, I will not argue. The opportunity to travel in Drackers, Reith, sieges and similar mechanics.

What you don’t like: empty, plastic world with the same plastic NPS. Unscrewing heroes. An uninteresting mystical plot, which is also partially attached to old games. Absolutely stupid fighting, where you need to plug the enemies with one button, especially in the boss of the files. They were so embroidered that they really did not even do anything, throughout the game showed one single animation of finishing, Karl -. – You are lutting you killed animals and there are no animations at all. Dialogues s "choice" absolutely do not affect anything, such as they give a choice of what to say, in fact, it does not affect anything at all. Stealth is absolutely stupid, the enemies are very stupid. About the towers, dull grind, I’m silent. The game had a krch potential, they could finalize and make candy generally, but as always they decided to roll out a conveyor, not finalized feces and cut the dough. Beautiful game, but without a soul

You are definitely about Valgalla?

The world is more alive than all living things, the fighting expands the shitty cloud of abilities with appropriate animations, and finishing also has a variety of animations.

That’s all because gapassers boast forever in the subscription, so they cannot go through a single game, since they are worn from one to another. well, you have to try everything out to justify the purchase of subscription.

People do what they want with their subscription and games. It doesn’t suit you? It is better to vacuum the stubborn sonibchik to the holes, a wiped play on a moron platinum because playing more and nothing more?

LLC how many more adventures awaits them😄

The campaign soon 4 hours of games will become the norm (

It is better than them than a 300+ chalk with an empty grind.

It took me more than 4 hours to search for 3 we need deer with branching horns on an indistinguishable quest, in the prolon. I’m already silent about places of interest "?". But this is on PC.

I played 90 hours, and the game is not worth sailing to England

And what.
DOS2 (the first masterpiece from the Larias) also call everything the Great RPG, only by achievements judging, even half of the people did not pass and less than 10% of it finished.
Or is it different?

After buying the game in November 2020, he spent several months on the host of the main game, then periodically returned when the additions were released. I can only say that the game turned out to be the best in the mythical trilogy. Odyssey was difficult to go due to godless grind, Origin was a good part and in fact I can’t say anything bad, but Valhalla got high. Slowly cleaned the sectors in order, searched for treasures, secrets and various activity, investigated the ruins of the ancient Romans, in general the gameplay was pleasant. The plot is weak in places, but still interest in events did not disappear. So I will say that my 252 hours in the game did not go in vain, and I can only remember about them with a positive.

It also passed 100%. As for me, in Valgalla, I noticed grind more. But, in fact, only because of one event – raids, I have never been so lazy yet. Well, they enraged the trials of their curvature, when it remains to kill the last enemy on stealth – you seem to kill silently, you touch something, the Persian manages to see you and does not count the passage. For me, Odyssey in this regard is more chill and cheeky, which I also passed 100%. The best part, as for me

I barely barely passed Valgalla.Boring to not.It took me 150 hours.And no more in this boredum.Here is the Odyssey yes Great about the grind I didn’t notice it there.But the grind in Valgalla is on the armor, weapons.Full of it was in the same raids.Valgalla did not go .I started it 2 times.Once for 90h deleted nafig with roots.The second time forced himself to go through her.Like there is no EECOFT WAU) and I spent the maximum per day-2.When all the previous units grabbed 10-15 hours to the game.

And what is the news about ? So bad game ? With such a success, there will not be enough news tape if all the games that have abandoned "SEENT". Many of this game on YouTube saw, some of the reviews read/have seen enough and gives out someone else’s opinion as their. This achivka is given for training + introductory and "neither cancer nor side" are not the main game and the plot component (unless, behind the hammer of the Torah later to return). As for me, these 40% or more players, for the first time in their life, got acquainted with the series of AS, although. And here I do not understand (like newcomers) – the graphon is excellent, the gameplay is pleasant and the introductory KV interesting. All troubles from "balls" – gampas and torrentedishen, for "Free food" It has no value .

PS: Here you are without a hat, such as news – according to statistics, the game Bloodborn (PS4) went ~ 7% of players and with dls ~ 4%. So, game poop ?!

I didn’t get there either. For dancing tons tambourine in order to launch the game when all systems correspond to above my patience.

So this is the essence of the assassins. Pose on the setting. Come in. See how beautiful it is. Perform a couple of uninteresting quests and delete the game. Repeat in a year.

There is something complicated in this game, this is not in the Odyssey, but here it is and it is felt from the first minutes of the game. The passage of some health, more precisely, not passing, but in general their undertaking had to look in YouTube. Since the level of players below the lower, nothing surprising.

That is, almost half of the players that bought the game, said that the game is slag, but in the news they praised and PR that the game beats records)

But where are the statistics of people who did not master everything that went after assassin 4?

Statistics are as usual sucked out of a finger, so you can say about any game, in the same stem, many games are not able to go through the very beginning, xs why do they buy these games at all then.

But in the case of Valgalla, there is simply a boring and tedious, huge empty world, this is even worse than a witcher 3 with his questions on the map

And the fighter is worse than the Odyssey, boring. Despite the fact that the shields brought. But there is almost no sense in them.

On the contrary, in Valgal, it has become more dynamic. By ax in your hands and you go literally to divide into parts of the British

2 two -handed weapons hit very slowly. and 2 one -handed very weak

At the same time, the most imob weapon with great speed and damage is a simple Saxon knife, they can be plugged with all faster than your two axes

Mine? I just indicated that it is more fun than with the shield

And what is this note about? The game was only added to the Gampass, of course, the percentages of the receipt of aces were immediately sank, because the number of users automatically increased

How to suck the news from nothing, you can say about any game, Lolich. Well, wait for a pile of exit in Gaspas where stupidly for free they took the game of a cloud of people. And then dump statistics with a breakdown of the cover.

137 hours of my life I killed on platinum in Valhalla

Well, as they say
"Earth is glassy"

Nichrome for yourself, as many as 4 hours. I was strangled in half an hour so that I deleted

Here by comments the current gamers with IQ "-200" These geniuses of the game world in their own apartment are unable to find where to leave Norway with such topographic cretinism🤣

Book hat. I reached England, but I could not play further than 11 hours, I simply strangled. Maybe I’ll be back. Look how he looked at what feces turned out to be, so a desire appeared directly.

Once I played this assassin, and in general he played 20 minutes in general in the general in a series of these games and threw it, not mine to play it.

I liked Orijing straight. Part about Egypt. Completely passed. But grind, as always, is a lot.

The first AC, the second, Brotherhouse, Revelations and the final one in this branch, the third is the classic that should be felt. Also liberations, Black Flag, Unity and Rogue are quite good representatives of the asassin family, still close to the good old formula, + in Unity is a pleasant fighter. And everything else is not worth

I did not just reach- I have already finished in 11 days by Patu all the dls will vacuum.

It took me in the region of 10-15 hours to leave Norway. Norway itself is like a full -fledged game. In principle, Norway is enough to enjoy Valgalla. It’s normal to start the game, but don’t pass. After all, today there is such a huge number of sensible suitable quality games that just sit and play round days. Life is not enough to go through everything.

This is fine. And in general, most top games from the beginning to the final usually reach a maximum of 20-30% of statistics players. Well, if the game is as huge as Valgalla, then such players may even be less. This is normal and does not speak about the quality of the game.

This statistics allows absolutely nothing to understand. I explain on the fingers.

Can not! For Valgalla at arriving in England begins to focus on secondary classes. The fact that the players did not receive achievements about the passage of the next chapter does not mean that they abandoned the game. Just the players went around the sides. Therefore, there are no achievements about promotion by the plot. I also played Valgalla myself. As he arrived in England, he immediately scored on the plot, began to engage in any garbage – burn the monaty people, rob settlements, pass temporary associates, and then in DLC it brought me. As a result, I do not have a huge number of achievements in the game, many regions are even closed today – I was not there. But, nevertheless, I managed to spend about 200 hours in Walgalla. Because the game is full of content that does not fit into these achievements.

Surely many players also played. In England they scored on the plot and took up every garbage. And then the game was tired at some point. Stump as a stump, which will then be at least, even if 100 hours or more is played.