A detailed retelling of the first demo version s has appeared on the network.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl from an employee Xbox Wire

Earlier it became known that, according to the press Chita, the release of s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl was transferred to the first quarter of 2024, but so far they have not officially reported this. Title will be released on Xbox Series S | X and PC. The project will replenish the Game Pass Catalog on Release Day.

A new view of marketing from "reliable" developer – text stream video games.

I don’t understand, Stalker 2 will be a visual novel? Or why the game has more stories than gameplay.

Well, so fraudster Grigorovich from the 1st part, I did a good job of publishers on the grandmother with his kul stur. Here, in fact, the same thing happens.

Well, now I don’t have a GSC person who would come to the office and pushed to the release of the game. ThQ with GSC still in zero and one of the representatives of even ah. l, when I already arrived live live the development of the game. All in the best traditions of GSC are transfers, words, words, words, words, release and bug on a bug and favorite colors of course where without them on the release

Yes.. We are waiting for the models to finish their builds and release Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl.

Having played through the force of builds (because the load of half an hour and endless colors did not give "Enjoy") I did not see a stalker atmosphere. I saw something similar to an escape from Tarkov, only in this Tarkov there is more to believe in authenticity, and the stalker himself rolled up in the cranberries according to the type of Kal OF Dutie and this is not good

Well, stalker 2 in itself is one big myth, the game does not exist. Here only ballads are composed and compose.

P.S. – Message to people minus me. Kipets you are hypocritical of course, t.E, under the forums, you are aching that the games do not exist, that it will not come out this year, that evidence of its existence is myths and empty words. But if I hint about it, so you immediately start pouring all the anger at me.

What I expected? Unfortunately a lot. What I got?

Meets you menu with keyboard exterior. Everything in principle is standard except V – Melee ATACK (does not work), n – the choice of type of cartridge – does not work. And the flashlight on L – which is strange. On F – confirmation of actions (rummage in backpacks, communication with the NPC). F1 F2 F3 F4 – free bandages.

GG appeared in the pit where the dog bites him by the leg. He shoots her from TT, so she flies a meter. Then a man with hellish voice acting on a hill tells you something not interesting in English. All the same, demo, I do not care. I wanted to see what they did.

So, I walked around not a lot around and shot. If someone is enough for someone, then do not read further.

The graphics of everything around you at a distance of 1m looks like something like something from 2020. With trailers and screenshots cannot be compared. Effects and light will say, yet the engine is good. But.. Location of the texture, this is far from 4K. But rather 720/1080r gaming. Models are also drawn to something like Fallout4 only in some places with 4K textures and fresh lighting. The movement of the NPC is just C.S. 1.6 s under the bots if someone remembers this.

You don’t feel the shooting at all. Accuracy 0. The enemy dies from xs from what. I killed the enemy with a knife, there was no animation. Just the body collapsed. But this is not all, after the murders, the game gave me a standard screen with an error and has dyed.

The run-up employees joked something in English, not clearly, and launched me the game first. At the same time, against the background, in their native language, they were maximum annoyed by the colors of the game.

A neighbor’s game flew out 2 times, if at all the game. Demka. I don’t understand why it is to show. Prove that it is? So the build was leaked, it has more and probably fewer sorties, etc. NPC passing through a concrete wall. Fall through the card after death (respuration) . You can not switch the type of cartridge. I just don’t understand Spencer’s delight that the game is working. Yes, you can walk there. Even run. But, to compare, my feelings: Chernobylyit looks much better. The game has not yet reached F4, they just didn’t get it.

My claims are not to the developers, but rather to why give not polished demo to give. It would be better to get it 100% and said wait 2026. I would poison the traileerama, etc.