A 20-minute demonstration of neural network modification for Skyrim, which allows you to ask NPC about anything

Recently, information about modification for the Internet has appeared for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Vr, which united the cult an action-RPG with a neural network language model GPT-3.5, which wrote dialogs for the characters, and with the voice model XVASYNTH. Activation of a conversation with a non -heating character took place through the use of a special magic spell and player microphone. The author of the Art-From_The_machine modification said that he did not check the modification on the usual version, but claimed that in theory it could work if the player has a microphone.

As it turned out, Art-From_The_Machine is not the only one to whom it occurred to unite the neural networks and the computer version The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Fan under the nickname BLOC (author of a similar modification for Mount & Blade II: Bannelord) posted on YouTube a video with a demonstration video of the possibility of modification InWorld-Skyrim-Mod, which unites Inworld neural networks.AI and Elevenlabs to create natural dialogues with characters. To speak with the character, the player needs to go to a non -inflated character and press the button "Y", Then enter a text request. Unlike the modification from Art-From_The_machine, BLOC version is much faster and quite works on a regular version.

In a demonstration video, Dovakin discusses with the Lydia of the insidious Kajite thieves, promises not to give out the love interests of John the son of the battle, asks Isolda about the permissibility of the sale of scum from a moral point of view, is interested in who annoyes Carlotte Valentine, and also finds out what caused the guardian’s injury, which is caused served as the end of his adventure.

The video description says that such a function does not have the effect on the performance of quests. In fact, the nearest analogue of this modification mode "tell about. " From the original 1997 Fallout, where by introducing certain keywords the player could get more information about the world around him, and even some tips for the performance of quests.

The English language is not announced for modification, but BLOC posted the source code for GitHub so that the modern ones could do everything that they want with this code. It is worth noting that it seems that this version of the file is not combined with voice acting.

You can download the source code of modification here. Skyrim Script Extender is required to work. The modification was not tested in English.