2 months after the release of Baldur’s Gate 3 is still popular with Steam players

Baldur’s Gate 3, the most rating computer game of 2023, continues to delight its fans and 2 months after its official release. Single -user role -playing game is not only included in the ten best -selling games in Steam, but also attracts about 200,000 players daily.

Why is it important: not so often, single -user games can lift so many players after two months, since such projects quickly lose their attractiveness. Therefore, it is obvious that the players deeply loved the last release of Larian Studios.

The game developed by Larian Studios recently switched from a successful three -year period of early access to the world release, actually capturing Steam.

According to Steamdb, over the past day the number of simultaneous users of Baldur’s Gate 3 reached almost 200 thousand. Human. Their number often increases on weekends, and the real number of players is most likely much higher. On the day of the release Baldur’s Gate 3 reached incredible heights, gaining 472,136 players at the same time. Ten days later, the number of simultaneous players of the game in Steam reached 875 thousand. Human.

This surge of popularity exceeded the total number of players of the previous game Larian Studio, Divinity: Original Sin, and significantly exceeds the maximum number of players in Divinity: Original Sin 2, which now seems relatively small – 93,701.

The fact that Baldur’s Gate 3 retained so many players two months later is very impressive. In the past, games such as Hogwarts Legacy lost 90% of the players a month after the release.

This makes a role -playing game from Larian Studios an exception, emphasizing its superiority and value. The growth of the popularity of a single -user role -playing game in the era of dominance of free games focused on microtransactions suggests that good single -user projects can interest players. And the fact that piracy of such projects is not a hindrance – the game has no protection.

More than 96% of Steam game reviews over the past month are also positive, which allowed the game to get an assessment "Extremely positive" from a wide audience Steam.